Thursday, July 20, 2006

Linus the Coon Killer

Remember a little while ago I related that my poor friend Jenny the Wire was bitten by an evil raccoon and as a result became paralysed for a few weeks from what is known as Coonhound Paralysis. At the time, I offered a $1 million and a year supply of treats to anyone who could catch that horrid creature! Alas noone claimed the reward. But this week, I heard via the terrier grapevine that one 87 pound Airdale named Linus (right) had caught and killed a coon in his own backyard! Now, unless Linus can prove that this was the same coon who bit Jenny (Good luck old Linus - I believe you live in different states!), I'm afraid he cannot claim the reward, but none the less, I want to offer him hearty congratulations on his amazing hunting feat! Pictured right is Linus with the dead raccoon in his mouth - well a not-so-good artist's impression of a dead coon in his mouth - I'm a blogger, I get a bit of artistic expresssion leeway here!

I bet you are all wondering what happened at the vet yesterday. I ended up going only with Dad 'cos Mom was running late at work. I always enjoy a visit to the vet as it's a good place to meet other dogs and chase a few cats. The vet lady was very nice - she prescribed stronger pills for me and some sort of conditioning lotion which I haven't tried yet becos Mom and Dad need to wear gloves to apply it and they haven't gotten any yet. Explain to me how it's okay to put something on my coat that isn't good to put on human hands. If I lick it it can't be very good for me - indeed the vet said it might make me sick. So we're all a bit confused really. But I hope the pills at least make me feel human again. If you know what I'm saying.

I want to bring an important event to the attention of all friends within driving distance to Lancaster, Pa. This October 14th are teaming with "United Against Puppy Mills", to raise awareness of the deplorable conditions puppy mills generate. The event is to be held in Lancaster Central Park, in Lancaster Pennsylvania from 10am-3pm. Go to, Scroll down to United Against Puppy Mills click, open the file and print copies of the flyer and post anywhere dog lovers congregate. Wholesale puppy brokeraging is a National tragedy, Lancaster County PA, has the highest concentration of Puppy Mills in the US. Help us bring awareness to this disgrace. What is hidden should be seen. Post the flyers, send a delegation to the event. I am going to convince Mom and Dad to go - and maybe we can meet up with Sydney, a resident of Lancaster, and Lucy, Skippy and others...

My fellow blogger Snickers turned 4 today, so I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday. The lucky bitch had a party with a special birthday cake and her friends came to visit. Not even my Mom had that much attention on her birthday this week.

It's cooled down a bit today so I'm really looking forward to a long walk and play session with my pals in the park when Mom gets home.