Friday, January 05, 2007

The Psychic

Well, yesterday turned out to be an interesting time! My friend Sophie's Dad Vince and Gracie's Mom Dee told my unsuspecting parents that they had both consulted with a pet psychic and invited Mom and Dad to a session! Mom and Dad are both rather skeptical of people who claim to be able to read an animal's thoughts via a phone call! But at the end of the experience, they both looked at eachother and proclaimed, "That was cool!"

So this is how it went down. Vince and Sophie came over to my house (Dee couldn't make it), and they called Liesl, the pet psychic. (By the way, Mom found an article about her online - to read it, click here - it's pretty interesting reading.) At first, I was running around my house overcome with excitement of having Sophie visit. Liesl told Mom she couldn't contact me because I was so unfocused. Me? Ha! So Dad grabbed me and sat holding me on the floor behind the couch so I could not see Sophie. The first thing Liesl said to Mom (but in talking to me) was "Hi, Little Guy". Mom was flabbergasted as that is what Mom and Dad always refer to me as - their little guy! Then Liesl asked Mom to describe me physically and she guessed correctly that although my tail is tri-color, the tip is white. She told Mom that I was very hyper, very sensitive to noise, super intelligent (the woman is a genius) and finally, very brave! It was like she knew my best pals were pitbulls, American bulldogs and the like! All through her chat with Mom she tried to speak to me...she told me to try to cut down on my barking so that my parents could trust me without the bark collar. She told me I didn't have to be such a vigilant watchdog - that Dad could protect us all.

At some point, Mom wanted Dad to hear Liesl, so she surrended the phone. He reported that she told him that I loved more than anything to RUN. Right on woman! Mom and Dad laughed when she relayed to them my responses to her comments - they were all pretty cheeky. Wow, she really did read my thoughts!

After 20 minutes, Liesl spoke to Vince about Sophie while I tried really hard to sit still and chill. But I wanted to play. Sophie doesn't dig playing with me so much 'cos she's quite an old bitch - I suspect my hyperness gets on her tits, so to speak. Here is a pic of us:

So all in all, it was an interesting time meeting Liesl - later that night, I heard Gracie and Emma barking their furry heads off down the road and I didn't bark. Mom was sure it was becos of what Liesl had said to me. But I didn't want her to get excited, so 5 minutes later, I let loose one heck of a bark. Heh heh.