Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wedding Jealousy

Damn it, I admit it. I'm getting jealous of this wedding stuff. It sure is taking a lot of Mom's attention away from ME! There was a lot of activity this morning. This lady arrived with a suitcase (I thought she was moving in) full of make up and hair stuff. She was here to practice doing Mom's hair and make up for the wedding. I of course was barred from the wedding room (so what else is new?) and they were in there quite a long time. When they were done I didn't recognize my Mom as she never wears make up or curls her hair! Later, when they left, I snuck into the wedding room, grabbed Mom's veil and well (blushing) tried to imagine what I would look like if I was a bride!

I know, I look silly with my long snout and Mom's red hair. But I just had to see for myself!

Mom took me to the dogrun yesterday for TWO hours. It was warmer and dusty in the dog run and I had many friends to play with. I liked this bulldog puppy called Vito and we rough-housed for some time until Mom put me in a time out 'cos I was latching on to Vito's fat cheeks. He didn't seem to mind, he didn't protest...but his owner looked worried. The other people at the park told us it was only play and to let me go. I love people who understand us. When I got home I was filthy, so Mom and Dad put me straight into the bath. I didn't really mind.

This evening Mom took me for a walk, and for the second time in as many days, she stepped in dog poop. Heh heh. She was mad, had to take matches and scrape it out the ridges of her shoe. She went on a rant about idiots who didn't pick up their dog's poop! And speaking of poop, Miss Amelia sent me this funny photo - now, now democrats, don't get your tits in a tangle, it's only a joke! We wires have a great sense of humor as do all dogs - check out these dogs laughing their heads off (thanks to Billie for sending the link). I think Clinton looks good with a mustache!

I have a new pal to introduce. Her name is Asta Blu, she is 3-months old. She lives in Kansas with her Mom Junie, Dad and 4 human siblings from age 12-19. Asta sure loves her family. Boy, she's a doll!

Mom is off to NYC tomorrow for some work thing and she'll only be home on Tuesday night. I'm sure going to miss her, but I'm happy enough with Dad here with me. He is my hero. I do sometimes wish I had a sibling like my pals Butchy and Snickers in Iowa. They sure love eachother, look at the two of them:

Not sure I'll be able to infiltrate the wedding room while she's a way, I have a feeling she'll be locking the door and taking the key with her!