Monday, June 12, 2006

Shout out to Gus the Wire

A wiry fellow of 3 years of age left me a nice comment on yesterday's blog post. His name is Gus (pictured left), and he just moved to Arizona - that's the place Mom and Dad want to live too, because it's HOT there! So I'm hoping one day I get to be neighbors with Gus, he looks like lots of fun. His blog is called "On the Go with Gus" because the lucky fella travels a great deal.

I tried to leave a comment on his blog but it wouldn't let me post! Blimey. Gus, if you are reading this, leave me another comment and add your email so we can correspond!

Not much news from me - oh other than some horrible horrible human smashed into Dad's parked truck AGAIN! I heard the bang this morning and barked and barked - but Dad grabbed me and had the temerity to tell me to shut up lest I wake up our dear precious sensitive neighbor Rex! Let that be a lesson to you humans -- we don't bark for our amusement, we bark for a reason, ususally to help our masters and warn them of trouble!

Dad is very upset about his car because in this country even though it isn't your fault, if someone drives off without leaving their info, you have to pay a $500 deductible to get your car fixed. Doesn't seem fair, does it? I mean $500 could keep me in Dingo chews for a few months! Mom and Dad shouldn't have to spend their wedding gifts on stupid insurance deductibles. I feel really bad for them. I hope that human who rammed the car and ran away gets bitten by an untrained vicious pitbull! (No offense to my gentle pit friend Elvis).

I saw Bailey this morning, she had to have stitches after her run in with Sasha the Akita. I think she needs a bit of psychological counselling as well, she's one bitch who can't get along with other bitches. What a shame. I mean I dig a good chick fight just like the rest of the guys, but not when it's two of my closest female pals. Try to get along gals!