Thursday, December 01, 2005

Help En Route to Montreal

Thankfully I figured out what was wrong with my blog, so now it looks good again! Phew!

I have to tell you that there are many wonderful humans in this world. I heard from Montreal that money has started coming in for the abused Wires of Blainville, and it is thanks to the efforts of many people who have been posting info on Craigslist, forums etc. We even heard from Petsmart Charities - they too are offering to help. My tail is in a constant wag to think that help is on its way to Canada!

More happy news from Montreal is that another Wire left today with a little red collar, lead and coat and her big Labrador sister. The Wire has two non-malignant mammary tumors and other health issues, but the people have already fallen in love with her.

Another Wire who was is being fostered by a family who live in a condo started barking and the condo neighbors complained. The man, who is now completely enamored with her, sent letters to each neighbor explaining what the dog had gone through and that he expected their patience! He then called a meeting to explain further. He now has someone “babysitting” his little girl four hours a day and a dog walker coming in twice before he gets home. His little Wire sleeps in his bed, has grooming appointments and regular vet visits to take care of her medical issues.
How fabulous is that?

Money is still needed to care for the rescued Wires, so please give what you can. You can donate online by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Thank you on behalf of all Wires.

Well I've been so busy trying to help my Canadian brothers and sisters, I haven't had time for much else. Today my new dogwalker Andrea is coming to take me out. I am so happy, I get awfully lonesome being at home all day. True, I do love my couch and have endless fun burying my toys in the cushions and then looking for them! I also love sitting in the window and barking at anything that dares come near my house!
But I do love the outdoors, so a midday stroll will be awesome!

Rumor has it that snow may fall on the weekend, but I'm not that gullible...I'll believe it when I see it! I'm not getting all excited again for nothing!

Speaking of burying stuff, look at my English gal pal Tilly after she was done burying her bone. Note that she got to play in some snow, lucky bitch! (I love that I can call her that without being offensive, haha!)

And I have two new pals to introduce. They belong to a very special lady Nicole who lives in Montreal and has been visiting the abused Wires every day, playing with them, giving them love and helping the SPCA care for them. Way to go Nicole! Nicole has two babies, Kala and Kapucine. Beautiful!

Finally, remember I told you that the cloning of that poor Afgan hound Snuppy in Korea was awarded the Time Mag's "2004 Invention of the Year." Well, guess what? The scientist Hwang Woo Sukwho who developed the clone stepped down as head of the World Stem Cell Hub in Seoul because of his less than Kosher ethics! I love it, justice for Snuppy!