Friday, October 05, 2007

Mom's Special Visit to New York City

Yesterday morning Dad and I dropped Mom off at the 30th Street train station. I heard her tell Dad she was going to New York City to visit her cousin Annette from Australia who was in NY visiting her son. I pleaded to go with, but Mom said dogs weren't allowed on trains. How unfair is that!! So off she went after blowing me a kiss. At the time, I didn't know she was keeping a BIG secret from me!

And now over to Mom. I am generously relinquishing the blog to her...just this one time.

I arrived in NY and met Annette and her hubby at Columbus Circle. We lunched in Central Park in the beautiful weather. Annette is my first cousin and I met her for the first time when she came to my wedding last year all the way from Sydney! (There is a long sordid story...but yadda yadda, her Mom and my Dad didn't speak for 40 years which is why I never met Annette or her family. But then one fine day I thought, enough bullshit - I want to meet my cousin! So I went online, searched and found her in Sydney, wrote and yadda yadda yadda - a wonderful friendship was born and many family reunions ensued. It's been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life!! Healing broken family relations!)Here is Annette and Me and Annette and her hubby Jeff.

What I didn't tell Axel, was that before I left, I emailed Asta's Mom and asked her if she was willing to meet up while I was in NY. I try to make a habit of meeting other wires and their families when I travel about. Last time I was in NY, I met up with Jeeves and his Mom who live on the Upper East Side. I didn't have Asta's Mom's phone number, so I gave her my cell. And, she called!! So after bidding Annette goodbye, off I went on the subway to the "Meat Packing District" - a fine place for a wire to reside.

How wonderful it was to meet Asta and her Mom and Dad! Asta ran out to meet me and disappeared down the passage. When she came back, so pranced about, played with her toys and gave lots of kisses. (Note to Ax: You could learn from Asta "no kisses ever" guy!)

After we had a good shmooze (I felt like I'd known them for years), I went with Asta's Daddy to their Doggie Run and checked out Asta at play with her friends. What a joy it was, Asta is just a delight - she never stops moving and loves her friends:

Before I bid them goodbye, Asta gave me a cute orange squeaky turtle to give to Ax. When I got home, I regaled Ax with stories about the delightful Asta and he was thrilled with his gift:

A wonderful day in New York City! Just wish Ax could have come along! I'll give him the final word:

Thanks Mom. I do so wish I could have met Asta and played with her friends - but at least I got the turtle! And for the record, I just don't like to KISS! Get over it.