Monday, October 22, 2007

My Best Treat of All

It's supposed to be Fall, but I think it got lost on its way to Pennsylvania, because it's still Summer here! Hot! Mom and Dad are thrilled, but I prefer it a bit cooler thank you very much! I'm just grateful that my itchies haven't returned, they disappeared a few days after my shot, that stuff is a dogsend!

So twice a month or so, Mom gives me a big treat. She lets me go to doggy day care for half a day! This past Saturday, we woke up and Mom said, "Axie, how would you like to go to Daycare to see and play with your friends?" People think dogs don't always understand humans, but I understood Mom straight away and ran to the front door in glee! We took the camera along but no sooner had I arrived then the batteries died, so we only got ONE lousy shot:

In that photo, I had just hurdled the gate, I am that enthusiastic to get in there! Can you see my Airedale pal behind the gate? She is beautiful! After Mom and Dad left, I went out to the outdoor yard and played and played.

I suspect the reason Mom and Dad treat me in this way is because they enjoy some "without Axie" time (but they miss me straight after they drop me off!) and because when I come home, this is where you'll find me for the rest of the day/evening....

Yup, that's me. Big couch potato. Daycare exhausts me! And yes, sigh, I do look chunky in that picture...but I had just eaten my dinner - so don't make any disparaging remarks about my freckled belly!

Note from Mom: Yes, Ax seems to have gained a few pounds again...he is such a snack fiend, he tricks his Mom and Dad into giving him treats. We are now creating a list by the treat/chew cupboard so we know who is giving Axel what per day! He doesn't know it yet, but as of today, he is back on diet!


AGC (Big boned and fabulous!)