Monday, August 20, 2007

The Reformed Escape Artist

We wires are known for being escape artists. Open a door, leave a gate open, and the legend is, that we are gone with the to seek adventures, meet new friends and kill little fury pests.

When I was a wee chap - this described me to a T. If Mom or Dad opened the front door (our only entry point) - I would rush outside, and it would take all sorts of tricks to recapture me (Says Mom: "That is too true Axel. We would have to bring the car around and pretend to take you for a ride or we would have to plow you with treats!").

But I have matured now. I like to stand at the door, gaze out, bark if anyone approaches who I don't like the look of and observe the goings on. Especially if it is hot or wet outside. Don't believe me? I believe the photo on the right is proof enough! I did not bolt after this photo was taken.

God my arse looks big in that photo!