Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update from Tieta, and other bitches

Tieta is home! You do remember Tieta right? The wee wiry gal who needed a forever home who was profiled on my blog a month or so ago. Ozzy from Colorado saw Tieta there and declared his intent to have her for his sister. And so his wonderful parents shlepped to Texas to pick her up and bring her home. Reagen, Ozzie and now Tieta's mom writes, " We just LOVE her!! She is totally mellow compared to Ozzie!!! I was expecting a little wild child."

(A mellow wire? haha, just you wait!)

"We are having a bit of an adjustment period with her and the chickens. She would love to have them for dinner I think! That was to be expected though, and we are working on it. She loves riding in the car and I take her with me to take my son Mason to karate. We even took her to Lowe's on Tues. She loved riding in the shopping cart. lol! She is such a treasure..."

Boy, this kind of happy news just makes me totally verklempt! I just love happy endings! Look at Ozzie (foreground) and Tieta, siblings forever...

And I like new beginnings too! I got an email yesterday from a mature but nevertheless gorgeous 9 year old wire named Sydney - she lives in Lancaster, that's in the same State as me. She wrote to tell me about a wiry gal who lives in the city who I should check out. Sydney's mom reads the Philadelphia magazine, and right there on page 52 of the July 2006 issue she spotted a beautiful photo of a bitch named Lucy! Lucy works with her mom at a store in the city called "Doggie Style" - sounds rather obscene to me! So here is the picture of Lucy replete in a bright pink frock. She looks like a spoilt princess, I'm not sure she's my type Sydney.

And then Sydney, upon reading about my upcoming vacation by the shore, told me that she had vacationed on a beach in Cape Cod, and she sent me a few pics too! I have to tell you Syd, I'm far more attracted to an outdoorsy bitch like you than a pampered, clothes-wearing bitch like Lucy! You look ravishing suntanning on your purple beach towel!

I was very amused to hear from Sydney's email that, "My mom reads me your blog all the time and shows me the photos. Even my dad knows about the infamous Axel G. Chocolaza. My mom never just calls you just "Axel." It's ALWAYS Axel G. Chocolaza. She only calls me Sydney Jennifer Martin when I am unrolling the toilet paper, eating some newspapers, or tip toeing my way into the trash can (one of my favorite tricks.) I am the only one in my family who thinks that trick is funny!"

I think that's hilarious Syd! I'd also be curious to hear their pronounciation of my name...it's Chocholoza not Chocolaza which sounds more like a frothy chocolate drink, no? But I always appreciate my name being used in full, so kudos to your Mom for her efforts. I hope to meet you one day Sydney, I think we'd have a swell time together!

Before I sign off, I have a funny story to tell you. Yesterday evening in between rain storms, Mom took me out for a walk. We met up with Elvis the pitbull and Leelo the red-fox-looking-bitch-of-unknown-breed. So the three of us ran off lead like maniacs for a while, and then I spotted a big puddle. I was hot and thirsty, so I figured what the heck, I lay down in the puddle, stuck my snout in it and rolled around until I was completely sodden. Then I just sat in the cool water and drank and drank. Mom as usual just laughed, but Elvis and Leelo's Mom's told her I am one freaky dog!

What a compliment! Freaks rock!