Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh Dear...How My Infamy has Spread!

I was shopping on Barkslope today (if you recall I won their dog of the year with the help of my wiry friends), when I came across their blog. And would you believe it, there I was staring back at my own picture! This is what they had the temerity to write:

Just when you think you know a dog

I must say that I feel Bark Slope was used and abused by”Axel”, Bark Slope’s Dog of the Year. He led us to believe he was a shining star in the dog community and now we see this. Granted, he did donate his winnings to the Fox Terrier Rescue, but now I have to wonder if that wasn’t some mandated community service in lieu of serving jail time. You can read for yourself the criminal acts committed by our “lovely” Axel (if that’s his real name) in his very own blog.
Must we start doing background checks on our Dog of the Month contestants? If we do, you know which dog to blame!

Have you ever? And then someone named David has the cheek to leave a comment reading: "That’s the dog that stole my car!!!! "
What the hell would I do with a car? Chase cats in style?

I am greatly aggrieved. I am considering resigning my position as dog of the year...but what stops me is I don't want to send back the prize 'cos it is already helping disadvantaged foxies out there. Guess I will swallow my pissyness and move on! If anyone is "criminal" it is the Barkslope blogger - she stole my image off my own blog! I call on everyone to visit the Barkslope blog and protest my innocence.

Anyway, moving on, I want to introduce a new friend who I found via my blog. Or shall I say Egan found me? He lives in Oregon and turned one year old in December. He is an only child because he gives his parents so much fun and adventure they don't know how they could handle anymore. He was adopted at six months from terrier rescue. Welcome Egan old buddy! I sure like the landscape in the photo below left!

We're in for more horribly cold weather - snow, ice and rain. Here is Axel G's recommendation for all Wiry and Smooth owners -- forget quilts and pillows, heated blankets and hot water bottles. If you want to be warm and toasty in bed...cuddle a foxie! Here is Pippin from New York State showing you how it's done:

Warning: You could end up on the floor - we foxies like to stretch out - so don't even think of hogging the bed and pushing us into a corner!

Apologies by the way for not blogging yesterday - this damn wedding biz! It's now a little over 3 months away and it's getting harder and harder to infiltrate my office! It's very inconsiderate of Mom to store her wedding stuff in here! And any day now, Grandma will arrive and my study will become her bedroom again, and I'll be screwed! I love my Grandma, but I have to preserve my rep as Blogger Supremo!