Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Of Manicures, Masks and Morons

I like to start my daily post with a pretty picture. Here is Miss Amelia posing ever so sweetly and ladylike for me. She emailed me especially to agree that we wires could never enter those ugly dog contests. She sure is ravishing, but look at those nails? Eek, she looks like Joan Collins - me thinks you need a manicure Ms. Amelia or do you keep them like that to keep Woody at bay?

Last night Mom got really mad at me. There is really only one thing that Mom absolutely forbids me from chewing and that is her bipap face mask she needs to sleep with to help her lungs. It is made of plastic and gel and fits over her nose. The thing is she looks like Darth Vader when she has it on, and I'm convinced the mask is alive and attacking Mom, so I try to pull it off if I happen to be on the bed with her. Last night, while Mom was in the bath, I crept into her room and managed to pull the mask off her nightstand and crawl with it under the bed. Stupidly though, I let my paw stick out, and she found me and the mask and went ballistic!

I only chewed one side of the gel stuff - it was so delish to sink my teeth into - but Mom had to sleep with one finger pressed against that side of the mask to prevent air seeping in. She had to order a new mask today and it only arrives in a few days so she won't be sleeping very well. I feel really really bad...I may just have to spank myself! How about I bite my tail extra hard instead?

It's been raining for the last 5 days and I'm sick of it! Mom and Dad force me to go out to pee in the wet, and I hate it. This morning at 6a.m. Dad tried to get me out while holding an umbrella over me...I peed eventually, but it wasn't pleasant let me tell you.

I read a great story, though a very sad one, today about Marine Cpl. Jeffery A. Boskovitch in Iraq who adopted an Iraqui puppy called Beans and made him their unit's mascot. He dreamed of taking Beans home with him to Ohio when his term of duty ended, but tragically the Marine was killed before this could happen. It then became his mom's quest to carry out his wishes and get Beans to America. I love stories with happy endings:
“It was bittersweet. I knew Jeff wasn’t getting off the plane, but I was so happy to have Beans,” his mom said.

I'm not an overly politically minded dog, but I really think it is time to bring our troops home from Iraq - too many are dying there and for what? I don't know...I just don't understand it. I suspect that geeky looking man I see on TV a lot grinning in front of a big white house has something to do with this horrid situation.