Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Whoozy Wire

Well friends, I lost my balls, but I gained a lampshade!

The operation went fine, but the vets were very interested in my red scabs on my leg, so they sprayed it with stuff and insisted I put this dumb lampshade around my neck so I don't lick the wound. A wire in a lampshade, oh please - how long do you think we'd tolerate that thing?

To Mom's credit, when she saw me trying to lumber up the front stairs, the lampshade hitting each step, she said to Dad, "oh take that ridiculous thing off!" and off it went with the warning that if I lick my leg, it comes back.

I feel like a recent AA failure - when I walk around I fall over my own feet. I swear I heard Mom and Dad giggling! Despite my surgery, I am still jumping up and down the couch and barking out the window - you can't stop me baby! Balls or no balls, the fire wire burns on!

And you believed that bull about calming down after neutering.
Can't say I didn't warn you!


PS What a nice surprise I had this evening. The doorbell rang and there was Lydia with my best friend Bailey the Boxer come to visit to see how I was post surgery. They even brought me a lovely card and gift of...you won't believe it...TWO BALLS!