Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad Dog and New Blog

Hello all,

Don't I look like a sweet angel snoozing on my fox toy? heh heh.

Sorry I haven't written much. It is mother's fault. She just started a new blog at, and I now enjoy even less time online! It's not fair. The only reason I am not having a hissy fit, is that I guess it is for a good cause. The parents are looking for a new home for us. I already submitted my wishlist -- big back yard full of critters, friendly neighbor dogs, window seat from which I can peruse the street and a doggie door so I don't have to give the parents funny looks when I want to go out. I'm keeping my paws crossed. I just don't understand why I don't get to go with to see the potential homes...that ain't right!

In other news, I was a very naughty boy last week. Mom was taking me for a walk when I spotted my friend Sophie and yanked the lead so I could catch up with her. Uh oh. Down went my wee Mom, her knees hitting concrete. Boy was she mad - mainly because I didn't stay by her side to see if she was ok, I took off after Sophie and didn't give a poop. Well that's how she saw it. I see it differently - I took off cos I thought Mom would prefer to weep alone and I knew she had her cell and would call Dad. I thought it would be less bother if I just went to the park with Sophie. Of course Mom didn't buy this for a second and now at every opportune moment she lambasts me and shows me her knee (pictured above a week later) and says, "You see this big colorful bruise - you did it!!"

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, mea culpa!!