Sunday, May 28, 2006

Grandma's Arriving Today

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't written, but it's hardly my fault. The computer/wedding room is totally off limits now - especially cos mom has all the Out of Town welcome bags (which are full of tasty Philly treats) in the room. I guess I won't be writing again until next week when the wedding is finally over! Yay!

So I don't know where I"ll be today a week, but I do know I won't be at the wedding. Mom says dogs aren't allowed at the Country Club - what discrimination! That's how things started in Nazi Germany - No Jews Allowed. Well, I do protest! I was meant to be going to Doggy Day Care for 3 nights but now Dad is not so sure he wants me to go there. Gracie's Mom Dianne offered to take me, and I'd love to stay with them...Mom and Dad are not sure they are comfy imposing though. Urgh.

Well the big news is that Rex the neighbor has turned nasty! He notified the authorities because I was barking a bit during the day! I mean give me a break, can't a dog bark during daylight hours!? So Mom and Dad got a very cordial letter in the mail asking them to be considerate etc. There was a phone number to call with questions and you can be sure that Mom will call after Memorial Day to find out exactly what is in the bounds of nuisance, and when can a dog bark and not bark?

Boy, last evening, Mom and Dad took me on a long walk to the Art Museum where there is a big fountain. I was scared to jump in cos I didn't know how deep it was, so Mom the good old sport, waded in in her sandals and then I felt safe and dived in. It was such fun!!

Grandma is arriving from South Africa this afternoon!! I can't wait to see her again. Boy the house has had its first thorough cleaning - it smells bizarre! Wonder if Grandma will even notice. I am apparently not allowed to sleep in my usual bed tonite - as due to space restrictions, Mom and Grandma have to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed and poor Dad is relegated to the bed in the basement. As Grandma is not accustomed to sleeping in bed with dogs, I have to stay with Dad. Not sure I like that.