Monday, December 19, 2005

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Well, the Dog of the Year contest on Barkslope is underway! Still coming off my high after my fundraising efforts for the Blainville and Missouri Foxies, I decided that should I win, I will donate 90% of my winnings to Fox Terrier Network who do great rescue work. In this spirit of giving, Mom and I emailed all our friends in the universe to ask for their vote, and clearly, our appeal worked, 'cos I am way in the lead of the pack! I am so ahead, I'm almost embarrassed! There is still time to vote if you haven't - just click here. This is more than just a cutesy contest for me -- I want victory to be able to continue my philanthropic work!

Well with Christmas and Chanukah just days away, the festive pictures of my friends are pouring into my inbox! Mom was at Petsmart this weekend, and Santa Claus was there...she told me later she was almost tempted to pay for me to have my picture taken, but being Jewish and all, she came to her senses in time! I think I would have liked to sit on Santa's lap and pull his beard - all that hair! Look at my pal Smitty and his sister Jessie sitting with Santa - they made the happy picture into a card for me!

Here is my pal Libby with her Dad Mark gazing at their Christmas tree (left). I cannot imagine having such a tempting thing in my livingroom, I wouldn't know what to do first - lift my leg or attack the shiny tinsel! How do you restrain yourself Lib? On the left is my cute pal Sherlock from NJ looking very Christmassy! What a cutie he is!

Many of my pals are also realizing that December spells COLD - so they are running to the store to buy their winter ware. Mom actually ordered me a fleece coat on Friday - I wonder if I'll like it. None of my friends wear coats, so I hope they won't think I'm a sissy! Mom is a real Jewish Mama, whenever she is cold she wraps ME in a blanket!

Here is my pal Ozzie in his coat (left) - he looks a little perturbed...maybe he is thinking, "Geez Mom, in this thing I'll never be able to sneak up on a squirrel or bird! Could you not have bought me a brighter coat!? Haven't you heard of camouflage? *sigh*" And check out Brandy and Nicky in their patriotic colored sweaters. Bet that keeps them warm and toasty.

I have to tell you all a wee secret. I am such a clever rascal! Guess what I did last night? I faked a pee!!! You see, after the pee-in-the-bed incident, Mom and Dad vowed to take me out to pee before we all retire to bed. This involves taking me out back and basically begging me to pee. "Go potty Axel! Make pee-pees good boy!" is the usual refrain. So last night I was tired, and it was cold outside, and I was rather peckish (that's South African for "needing a snack") - so I went outside, lifted my leg for a few seconds and then ran to the door. Mom looked at me suspiciously...she must have wondered if she'd heard any liquid from my loins...but then, thinking that as I'd lifted my leg, I must have peed, she brought me inside and gave me my usual liver treats as reward. Heh heh, so now all I need to do is lift my leg and Mom will think I've peed! Hahaha! I feel very clever indeed!

But then we Wires are so talented, can you believe that I have a friend named Peaches, who plays the piano! I kid you not! Her Mom says she is a progidy waiting to be discovered! I bet she'll appear on Oprah soon!

Another thing we Wires, and terriers in general excel at, is the great snoozeroo! You already saw the pics of me and Mom snoozing, now check out Jill the human, with her babies Linus the Airdale and Libby the Wire having a three-way snooze. All the holiday preparations must have tired them out!

I'm not sure whether I've introduced my pal Herman before - but he sent me some new pictures that I just had to share. He wrote me that, "Eating mom's bushes is still my favorite pastime when I'm outside but they aren't as fun now that the leaves are all falling off." He also bemoaned the fact that he has an uncooperative ear that just won't stay down - not even glue helped! Well who cares Herman, you are perfect as you are. I should know, I have a crooked tail! Be proud - there is a lot to be said for being goofy! Oh and by the way, Herman also has a book recommendation for all of us, it's called, "Walter the Farting Dog" by William Kotzwinkle. Fancy that, a farting dog? I've never heard anything so preposterous!

And finally, I have two new friends to introduce: Snickers (3 1/2 female) and Butch (5, male). They are both rescues and live with their Mom Linda in Janesville, Iowa. (In the picture on the left, Butchy is on left of picture and Snickers is on the right.) What a cute couple they are, and don't they look adorable cuddled up together? I wish I had a wiry sibling to cuddle with - Mom and Dad are okay, but they aren't as warm and furry as I imagine another dog is.

I swear I saw Dad roll his eyes this morning when Mom reminded him that I have dog training tonight! Heh heh, poor Dad, it must be hard for him to constantly hear the trainer saying, "Not bad Axel....for a terrier!"