Friday, February 24, 2006

BLOG SPECIAL: Guest Blogger: Miss Amelia

Every now and then, I am going to offer my blog as an arena for guest bloggers. Today I am happy to present my beloved Miss Amelia, who has quite the tale to tell us. Here is her delightful contribution:

Hello blog fans. I am Miss Amelia from Marysville, WA.

Last night, while watching the Winter Olympic women's figure skating, dear old dad had this bright idea for curing our winter blues. Dad allowed our family member Pepper (our 13 year old CAT who is my PREY) to relax in front of the toasty fireplace in our family room. Do you honestly think this would brighten my mood?! Well it didn't!!!

I can handle Pepper being in the garage or on the other side of the house behind a tall gate. But not in the family room with me being confined within a four foot exercise pen. I went absolutely BONKERS!

I jumped & howled, & pissed on the family room carpet. And boy did I discover how quick Dad can go BONKERS! It was a bitter-sweet moment. I got so excited when Dad opened the exercise pen thinking I could go paw handle Pepper. But Dad gently snatched me up, and tossed me outside into the fenced back yard at about 11:45 p.m. screaming that I was going to the GLUE FACTORY!

I tried hard to ignore all that Dad was saying about me going to a glue factory! However, fearing Dad was not kidding, I suddenly had a panic attack. I decided to go for a midnight stroll hoping this would help calm me down. I jumped over the four foot fence because I cannot open the gate. Once I was down the street, I could smell cats galore. So off I went on a cat prowl. I was darting back and forth between houses chasing a cat. Suddenly, I heard dear old Dad saying, Miss Amelia where are you? But I ignored my silly Dad!

I finally dazzled & cornered one of the neighborhood cats! However, the cat was not about to let me get near it without spraying me first! And boy did I get sprayed.

I took off and ran past Dad who was still talking about me going to the glue factory. After awhile I was so exhausted that I decided to finally come to my sweet talking Dad, and go home with him. Boy, did Dad get a good whiff of me! HA HA

It was almost 1 a.m. by the time we got home. Dad was tired too, but he felt so sorry for me that he gave me a nice warm bath before tucking me under the covers in bed with him and Mom Chris.

I have no regrets about last night's adventure other than getting sprayed by that ugly cat that took off! Lover Boy Axel if Dad sends me to the glue factory, please boycott all GLUE!

Miss Amelia

Thanks my darling. And never fear, glue factories are for horses (and maybe the occasional pug), not exquisite creatures like you. And were your Dad ever to send you there, I would be on the first concorde to Washington to break you out!