Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Ode to Siblings

Yesterday our whole gang headed to the park, including our new pal the pitbull pup who still doesn't have a name, so for the purposes of my blog, I am going to name him Pitapup. So Pitapup, Gracie, Kila and I went to the dog park. Everyone took an interest in Pitapup, and he seemed okay at first amongst all the other dogs, but his foster Mom wisely kept him leashed. For the first time we witnessed Pitapup playing - he climbed all over Gracie and licked her face! But I think all those dogs and goings on started to overwhelm him, because out of nowhere, when I walked up to him, he tried to attack me! I got a fright and my feelings were a little hurt as I've been nothing but friendly to the little guy. Later he also went for Ella, another the Moms decided it was time to head home. Given Pitapup's background, it isn't surprising that he is easily overwhelmed or threatened by the presence of other dogs. He just needs time.

After the park, Gracie came over to play again! Boy, I sure love Gracie, even if she eats all my biscuits, bones and toys. I don't mind sharing at all! Sometimes I wish she was my sister and we lived together full time!

Speaking of siblings, some of my pals have just acquired some!

My Argentinian Wiry pal Chechu went and got herself a new human brother, Fede. She tells me it's nice to have a human baby brother except when he cries, and Fede seems to cry a lot. Check out Chechu watching over Fede in his crib, what a sweet photo:

Then my pal Bigfoot Fletch in California, just acquired a new wiry little sister named Maxie. Maxie reports that, "I really do love my big brother, but he is somewhat of an minute he is playing with me and the next he attacks me for no reason at all. Mom says it is to tell me he is boss! That remains to be seen." Below are photos of Maxie in pose and the two of them together on squirrel patrol!

And lastly, my friend Niall the wire, just adopted a retired Greyhound named Dixie. Niall reports that Dixie is a great sister - and here he is giving her a kiss...I think it's cool that Niall and his other siblings Tessa and Ruffles, and Mom Barbara, offered their home to Dixie. Now instead of being a running race dog, she can enjoy quality snooze and play times with her new family!

For those of you out there, like me, with no siblings - you can always enjoy some virtual ones by checking in on the wiry puppycam !