Monday, December 18, 2006

Hanukkah Rocks!

Happy 4th night of Hanukkah!
It just gets better every day. On the first night of Hanukkah - Mom and Dad lit the shabbat candles and the Hanukkah candles, so the house was a-glow and we put all our lovely Hanukkah cards from our doggie friends around the display:

Then after we lit the candles and sang some songs, Mom and Dad gave me the most awesome Hanukkah gift - a huge candy cane made of Dingo rawhide! I nearly had a cadenza! I definitely did a jig!

And then today, a big parcel arrived in the mail from Unkie Phillip and Auntie Chris and my girlfriend Miss Amelia, her Mom Alexandra and their sis Beau and kitty Pepper. I was so excited I could barely contain myself as Mom opened the box. Out came the most amazing kong chicken toy on a long rope (see pic below) and Mom demonstrated how it worked by twirling it over my head and throwing it for me to catch. It was a wild time! I then took it and ran upstairs to bed so I could examine it closely. I also got TWO packages of Dingo Minis - so when I'm done with the cane (I have eaten two thirds already), I will have MORE Dingoes to enjoy!!

Mom and Dad also got a gift, something edible called Poppycock. Dad looked very very happy! If you look closely at the photo below of me inspecting the package to see if I could find any more'll see Dad pigging out on the Poppycock in the left corner! Heh heh, and they think I am a piggie. Dad didn't wait half a second to open that yummy gift up. Mom liked it too. I got ONE lousy popcorn, but I didn't care, I preferred my chicken on a rope! Another thing to note in the picture below, is the gorgeous blue blankie with doggies on it - that was also a Hanukkah gift from Auntie Carol, Big Foot Fletch and Maxie. I sure am a lucky dog!

You may notice as well in the photos that I have a bit of a goofy haircut. They trimmed my hair around my eyes and now I look a bit creepy if you ask me...But I can see better, so I will forsake my vanity for vision this once.

Anyway, I gotta get working on the rest of my candy cane, time is of the essence - I have two more packages of Dingoes to get through. By the way, Mom made latkes tonite and the whole house smells of oily potatoes...if you want to revisit how to make latkes, click here to see my step by step guide from last year. Try not to notice how much thinner I was back then. I really need to go on a diet. I'll call Jenny Craig in the morning. If that whale-like woman Kirsty Alley could shed her pounds, there is hope for moi.

Wonder what other surprises are still waiting to happen with 4 more days of Hanukkah remaining. More miracles I hope.