Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Worst Fear Realized

Remember friends when I wrote and told you that Mom was now a senior writer for The Swanky Pup Web site? Remember I told you I was excited that we'd be getting samples of doggie products to test? And how it occured to me suddenly, that we might get clothing to try out and how this made me feel sick with angst? You see, I hate wearing any clothing - from booties to sweaters in winter to raincoats. It can be zero degrees and a blizzard outside but I will NOT agree to wear a coat! I feign paralysis and refuse to move. If I get dragged out the door, I will walk very reluctantly but weild ultimate power in refusing to pee or poop while clothed - which infuriates the parents.

So it was all going well, enjoyed a few toys, books etc. Until today, when a large package arrived! Mom was her usual excited self explaining to me how I would LOVE this new product as it was connected with swimming!

Out came a doggie LIFE JACKET made by Paws Aboard! Now I love to swim as you all know, but I'm a darn good swimmer, I don't need any help thank you very much! But Mom said she wanted me to model it for her and she relentlessly pursued me until she had me cornered in the kitchen! Here dear friends, is the sorry result:

I stood dead still and would not move until she took the floatation device off! I have to admit, it fit very snug and has a very pretty pattern, and very secure velcro and buckle closings - no doubt an excellent product for poor doggie swimmers...but I prefer to swim in my birthday suit!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh, Life is Swell!

Been battling to get to the computer...sorry...just been really busy! Take yesterday for example. In the morning, I went to Doggy Day Care - how I love going there and playing for hours with my friends. The place is called The Urban Dog:

Yesterday when Dad came to pick me up, I was running about with my pals:

Can you spot me?
Then later in the day, we went to Dad's parent's house for dinner. I got to hang out with the newest addition to our family, baby Devon. I let her pull my beard and grab my fur 'cos she is just a mini-human, and anyway, she is a messy eater. I was on hand to catch anything that she dropped on the floor.
We all hung out and had a delish dinner - corn and London Broil on the barbaque. Yummy. That's Dad with his sisters and nieces:
And here I am, on Dad's lap sniffing the table, which was sadly, devoid of food at the time:
Then this morning, at 7:30am, there was a knock at the door, and WOOHOO, it was Aunty Lynne to come and get me for our weekly 6 mile hike/swim/run! I jumped into her car and off we went. Three hours later, Mom and Dad picked me up from her house, and now I'm heading for a big snooze.

But before I do, I want to thank Jackson from the UK for sending me a most delicious package in the mail. When Mom was in London, she mailed him a SNAX, so he reciprocated with SNACKS. Beautiful baked goods - some even had my name on it! Thank you Jackson, I am still enjoying these a week later as Mother is rationing them....

Speaking of Jackson, we also have to thank him for introducing the Dog Brick toy to us. Mom reviewed it on Swanky Pup this past week. Happy to report that some doggy product samples are on their way to us for review including a doggy life jacket and some toys! Woohoo, no silly clothes! Well, does a life jacket qualify? I mean where the heck is mom going to test that out? The pond? Stay tuned people...


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am thrilled to announce that Mom now has her own blog - finally (hopefully) she will leave me alone and stop trying to hijack my blog!

Mom will be a senior writer on the very hip dog blog called The Swanky Pup. She will be testing and reviewing various dog products along with a team of other writers. Of course, I am psyched because I get to be the beneficiary of the products she gets to review.
Oh wait a minute...what if I have to try on silly designer dog clothes? Or silly bow-ties? Oh geez, remind me to tell Mom to only solicit treats and toys to review!!!
Please support Mom's new gig - it is a very cool site even if I say so myself. I like the design and the founders are cool women who do a lot for dog rescue and adoption. And as an extra incentive - of course I will be featured frequently!
Oh, Mom says to tell you...if you have any products you love that you think should be featured, please email her!