Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mr. Miserable Itchy Guy


Please don't laugh at me in my booties. This is NO laughing matter. I am having a bad allergy attack. I'm itching all over and can't help scratching and biting my legs, paws and back. To stop me ripping my skin and bloodying myself, Mom insists on putting on these ridiculous booties. They tried to cheer me up by giving me a peanut butter kong, but I wasn't in a licking mood.

This morning I went to visit the vet lady. She felt very bad for me. She said my whole body was inflamed and infected, and I had a bad ear infection.

We were sent home with antibiotics, Predisone cortisone pills and ear wash stuff and ointment. And a high vet bill.
The Predisone is supposed to make me drink a lot and pee, but I've peed ONCE all day and I just do not feel like going out to make pee-pees. Frankly friends, I'm pretty depressed. I hope these drugs kick in real soon....

Until then, I am staying on my spot on the couch trying not to lick, bite and scratch. But boy it's hard...