Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Rainy Day at Home with my Mom

It is pissing rain outside. I even missed my walk this morning for the first time ever! I was forced to poop in the basement. I don't care...I don't have to work down there - Dad does, and it was his fault I missed my walk. I'm not really mad at him, he was up late helping a friend in distress, and this morning Mom felt sick, so he was tending to her.

Mom ended up staying home with me today. She slept all morning curled up in a ball 'cos she had stomach cramps. She told me it would help if I sat on her tummy, so I obliged, for a while. By lunchtime she felt better, so she commandeered my computer and got to work. I didn't mind 'cos she handed me a fat, juicy rawhide bone. Check me out in the reflection of the mirror. It looks like TWO of me. Can you imagine???

I received a beautiful photo today of a quilt made in my pal Luci's honor by the very talented Helen, owner of a smoothy, a pyr and a few kitties (but we won't hold that against her). I too want to be immortalized in a quilt! Make the request Mom! Even Raisin features in the bottom left - so cute!

Finally, my old Israeli bud Noonie (a retriever) sent me this most ridiculous example of why dogs should not be dressed in silly costumes! If I was this poor dog, I'd turn my owners in at the nearest police station:

Finally, many thanks to Diane, whoever you are, for coming to my defense on the Barksope Blog. She wrote: "I believe Axel is INNOCENT until proven guilty in the Terrier court of law….these sound like trumped up charges to me-you can’t actually convict a terrier of acting like a terrier after all! "

Makes perfect sense to me!