Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Best of Times!

The folks and I returned today from 5 glorious days vacation. I'd like to tell you all about it!

On Saturday, after packing up the car, Mom put a new contraption on me and fastened me practically to the back seat. I am partial to riding next to Dad in the front, so I started whimpering and letting my malcontent feelings known. Dad told Mom to ignore me. But dear old Mom couldn't take me being so unhappy, so she clambered into the back and released me from my bonds. I spent the rest of the journey with Mom on her lap while Dad assumed Taxi driver status.

After lots of traffic and stopping at Arby's on the way, we pulled up to a curious looking cabin in a little town called Townbank in Cape May County.

I hopped inside and took a look around. By the time I got to the couch, Mom had already covered it with a sheet to protect the dear couch from ME. I still liked it though, I had a good view from the top of the couch and from the front door.

I also checked out the big outside yard, it was awesome! I especially liked the patio furniture:

But the thing I liked BEST about this vacation was the BEACH! It was just two short blocks from our home - Dad told Mom it was the Delaware Bay. I had never seen so much water in all my days. Look how beautiful! And did I mention that they WELCOME dogs on this beach? Any time of day and night as long as we are leashed (but so few people were about, and I am so well behaved, that I was frequently allowed to run free!) . Mom loved that there were few people on the beach - it was far from the maddening vacation hordes!

On our first day we headed to the beach with all the necessary paraphenalia - umbrella, chairs, towels and lots of snacks! Mom wasn't sure if I'd behave myself - she thought I might want to gad about and be a pest. Oh ye of little faith Mother! I really showed her...I was such a good boy. I was allotted my own blue towel in between Mom and Dad's chairs and I sat there and just took in the scene...

And of course, I SWAM and I SWAM in the big enormous ocean, uh, bay! At first I was a little scared as the water ran towards and away from me. Here you can chart my progress from tentative at first to sea hound. Mom thinks I look like a spazzy otter at the end - I didn't care, I was having a blast in the deep water - I couldn't even stand half the time.

When we got home from spending hours at the beach...I collapsed on my spot and went to sleep!

On another day, Mom and I just hung out in the big backyard. I like to be with either Mom or Dad at ALL times. I need to keep them out of mischief. So when Mom took her chair and read in the sun, I insisted on having my own chair alongside her:

And as this was MY vacation - why else would they have chosen to holiday at a dog-friendly beach - I expected to be served an afternoon tea of crumpets and strawberry jam.

Ok, that's just a little fantasy of mine - that's what happens when you leave me at home all day and I have to watch too many GEIKO commercials!

After 5 amazing days, it was time to come home to Philly. There had been no bathtub at the cabin (see, very dog friendly too!) so despite all the sand and surf, I never endured more than a bit of a shower (it was easy to run away). So not an hour were we home and BOOM, into the bathtub! I watched the remnants of my holiday go down the drain...and had a moment of deep longing to be back on the beach. I guess it's just tiny fountains for me now, Gosh, how depressing after that godly ocean mass.

Friends, I must impress upon you to keep Townbank a secret! SHHH! We don't want every four-legged creature flocking there with their humans in tow...let's keep this dog-friendly town to ourselves, Fox Terrier Town, USA (and a few of our non-foxie friends).

Avowed Beach Bum
Future Mayor, Townbank NJ

PS When we got home there was a message from Petsmart! It seems Mom's letter to Corporate did help some. They came back to us with an offer of a $100 Petsmart giftcard. Mom and Dad decided to accept it and call it a day. I"m going to be in snacks for a very long time!!!