Monday, July 06, 2009

Mom Not Coming Back After All

Mom called us this morning with the sad news that they were told this morning by Grandpa's doctors that there is nothing more they can do to save his life. Grandpa is going to die in the next few days but he will be on morphine, with no pain, just deeply asleep.

Mom is of course very upset but she is also relieved because it has been torture watching her beloved Dad suffer through 5 surgeries in 3 weeks and go through so much. She has decided to stay with her family until July 15. Though I wish she was coming home as scheduled, I understand that she needs her family now, and I am okay with that.

I love my Grandpa so very much - it was only because of him that my name is Axel (Grandpa has a big Axel manufacturing company) and that Mom came to love wire fox terriers. Grandpa is a big fan of Johnny Walker Whiskey and I've spotted some on the shelf in the kitchen. I am going to ask Dad if we can have a wee nip tonite to salute Grandpa and his wonderful 85 years on earth.