Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Yummy Diversion

As you all know, I haven't been myself lately. I have some horrible allergies that make me chew and bite myself. I'm on meds now - Hydroxyzine and some lotion, but I'm not sure I am feeling that much better. I laugh in agony to think of my blog entry just a few weeks ago calling myself Mr Handsome. Look at me now, I look hideous!

Mom is trying everything to stop me from chewing myself, so today while she worked on her computer and Dad was out working, she gave me this big yummy bone to chew on. It certainly tastes a lot better than my own leg, and I forgot my itchies for a long while. Mom looked pleased with herself:

My pal Gus in Sante Fe is also into chewing himself - but luckily he doesn't have allergies - he injured his paw. The vet put a PINK bandage on it and though Gus tried his hardest to fight the vet (how can a virile young WFT suffer the indignity of a PINK bandage!), he is now forced to wear it. Poor Gus. I'm just waiting in dread for Mom to pick up on the idea and bandage my red and itchy legs. I swear I will go mad!

While surfing the net today I came across a neat site called Dogs with Blogs. I actually think it was Gus who told me to visit the site and make sure to put my blog on their list. I never dreamed there were so many dog bloggers out there -- it made me feel a little less special - especially to read how some of these canine bloggers have won awards and been noticed by important people. I also want to get noticed. NOTICE ME DAMN IT. Anyway, Gus and I are the only two Wires on the long list of dog bloggers - even if we are at the very end of the list. We encourage the other wiry bloggers out there to add your blogs so we can show that wires are at the forefront of the dogblogosphere!

Good news! I have managed to draw Mom away from watching the war in the Middle East on CNN by finding her delightful wire fox videos online to watch instead!
Friends, if you too are having issues with blaring TV's showing horrid images of misery and destruction - grab your human by the pants leg and get them to their computers!
Check out Nina WFT enjoying her Chicken Game; My Fox Terrier; Mago&Andrea Bocelli (a must see, a cultured Wire!); Homenaje a Pepe (bit long and what is he doing in black undies?) and Maggie can Swim (surprise surprise, what WFT can't?).
I too want to be a video star - I"m going to start working on the parents!