Saturday, September 09, 2006

Life is a Carnivale!

Another glorious day! After a long walk with Dad this morning to the Art Musuem, which included a swim in the fountain, we arrived home to be told by Mom that we were going to the Dog Carnivale at Rittenhouse Square Park (very larny area) in downtown Philly. I of course, did a jig. I've never been to a carnivale before, and it sounded exciting!

When we got there, I was overwhelmed by the number of dogs...dogs of every shape and size, and many dressed in ridiculous costumes as there was a costume contest. Phew - was I relieved that Mom and Dad didn't put me through that. By the way, there was not ONE Wire to be seen anywhere - plenty of Jack Russels and those nerve-ending- with-hair dogs - Yorkies, but no foxies. As a result, I attracted my fair share of attention...but of course also got mistaken for an Airdale and Schnauzer. One old lady loved me and asked what I was - Dad gave his usual shtick he gives old people - saying that I am Asta the Wonderdog from the Thin Man. This confused this woman, who it turned out, thought I was the Asta, which is really silly given that it would make me a very old dog indeed - about 55 in human years! Dad meant the breed lady, the breed!!!

Well a fun time was had by me, that's for sure. I got free peanut butter ice-cream, and jumped into the pond, much to the amusement of the crowd as for a while there, I was the only swimming canine:

I also had my photo taken with Dad and Scooby Doo...

There was a band that only played doggie type music - but it hurt my ears. While they played, I relaxed atop a wall and hung out:

After a few hours, lots of treats and the sniffing of many a-butt, we headed home and all enjoyed a well-deserved afternoon nap.