Saturday, September 09, 2006

Life is a Carnivale!

Another glorious day! After a long walk with Dad this morning to the Art Musuem, which included a swim in the fountain, we arrived home to be told by Mom that we were going to the Dog Carnivale at Rittenhouse Square Park (very larny area) in downtown Philly. I of course, did a jig. I've never been to a carnivale before, and it sounded exciting!

When we got there, I was overwhelmed by the number of dogs...dogs of every shape and size, and many dressed in ridiculous costumes as there was a costume contest. Phew - was I relieved that Mom and Dad didn't put me through that. By the way, there was not ONE Wire to be seen anywhere - plenty of Jack Russels and those nerve-ending- with-hair dogs - Yorkies, but no foxies. As a result, I attracted my fair share of attention...but of course also got mistaken for an Airdale and Schnauzer. One old lady loved me and asked what I was - Dad gave his usual shtick he gives old people - saying that I am Asta the Wonderdog from the Thin Man. This confused this woman, who it turned out, thought I was the Asta, which is really silly given that it would make me a very old dog indeed - about 55 in human years! Dad meant the breed lady, the breed!!!

Well a fun time was had by me, that's for sure. I got free peanut butter ice-cream, and jumped into the pond, much to the amusement of the crowd as for a while there, I was the only swimming canine:

I also had my photo taken with Dad and Scooby Doo...

There was a band that only played doggie type music - but it hurt my ears. While they played, I relaxed atop a wall and hung out:

After a few hours, lots of treats and the sniffing of many a-butt, we headed home and all enjoyed a well-deserved afternoon nap.



Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Ice cream, swimming, hanging out with celebrities AND a nap? Sounds like heaven!

Bussie Kissies

jaffeboy said...

I love Carnivale!!! There's always plenty of snacks! Thou my MaMa always sign me up for some "jump the hoop" or "sit & wait FOREVER" contest.

& btw, I'm always mistaken for a white schnauzer or a westie.

fee said...

axel you are so lucky! i'm sure you had so much fun! and o, i love scooby doo too! did he have a message for us dogs?


Gus said...

Lucky lucky Axel. I am very jealous. Do you want a wirey brother? I could misbehave, I think I'll stay here!

love anyway

Bogart said...

Sounds like fun!!! By the way, you're looking really good these days Axel!


Sunshade said...

Ohhhh that looked like so much fun!! WEre you afraid of the big Scooby Doo?'s not a bad thing when you get mistaken as an Airedale Schnauzer is a bad thing and I get that a lot LOL!!


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade