Friday, November 02, 2007

A Plague of Frogs for a Horrid Neighbor

Why does the world seem to be full of nasty neighbors? You'll remember we had a run in with our neighbor last year over my barking - he went to Animal Control and then the COPS (who in our city of Philly clearly have more important things to worry about!)

So you can imagine how distressed I was to read my pal Ricky Pepper's blog tonight to hear that their neighbor slipped a copy of their town's ordinance under their door stipulating that households are only permitted 3 animals. How dare this witch threaten Ricky Peppers lovely family! All the doggies are rescues, two are therapy dogs - they don't bother or harm anyone - and their parents are the loveliest folks you'd ever meet. If I was still living there, I'd have to take action. But for now, since the ordinance says you can have unlimited amount of frogs, I think the doxies should round up as many as they can find and ask them to croak day and night along this bitch's fence! Also strange that the ordinance allows horse, sheep and cows - as long as the sum total of animals is THREE.

I really can't suffer humans who don't work and have nothing to do all day but start up nonsense with their neighbors. Get a life woman and leave these people alone!

I know you are disappointed that I ignored Halloween and did not publish photos of myself in cutesy costumes. I don't like to dress up and I don't like to wear anything on my dogen (vs. person). If you like to dress up, that's great and I don't for a minute mock or begrudge anyone who enjoys it. Take Terry for example - I nearly burst my appendix when I saw his costume! How funny is that! A wirey lobster!

Exciting news is that there is a wee possibility that Mom, Dad and me and our neighbors/friends Vin and Sophie (a sweet 9 year old retriever type) will make the trek up to Massachewsitts to see our pal Gracie and her family! We may go in two weeks but there are many factors to work out, so it's only tentative for now, but it sure is exciting to think about!

Prayers to my friend Jackson in the UK who is undergoing many tests to find out why he is having fits. Poor guy is the bravest wire around and he's been through so much already, but we Wires are a tough bunch and we know Jackson will get through this too.

Happy November!