Thursday, February 23, 2006

In Derision of the Pug

I have something to say which might not be too popular. But I am not one to shy away from political incorrectness. So here I go.

I think Pugs are dumb.

Today after work, Mom double parked outside out house, ran inside, told me to get my shit together and off to the dogrun we drove. Yippee! The dogrun is next to the historical Penitentiary, and sometimes I get a bit nervous that if I misbehave, Mom will check me in there for the night amongst the ghosts of Al Capone and others.

Anyway, I digress. At the park today were FOUR pugs of various sizes and colors. They all had squashed in faces and made funny noises through their deviated septums. Just for the hell of it, and because I think they are stupid and ugly, I decided to taunt them and jump on their backs. They seemed to enjoy it, and fought back. At one point, I sort of forgot I was dealing with pugs and got a bit rough, so Mom grabbed me and told me to calm down. Note that noone ever grabs the pug, despite the fact that they yap and snap just as much as me. It's really not fair.

When we drove home, I found a skittle candy under the seat, it was I set about burrowing and digging in the seat in the hope it would uncover some more. No such luck.

I got to go, Dad is putting on his sneakers, which can only mean one thing: time for my WALK!!!