Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am the Dog of Cool

Well, it's official. I'm cool. Today my blog is featured as Cool Site of the day on - click on "international" and then "cool site of the day" and you'll land up on my very blog! But only today - Sept. 2. Then you can vote my blog as coolest website of the month!

Speaking of voting, Congrats to my Canadian pal Dean-O who won the Petster of the Month, after grand efforts by all the fox terrier folks around the world. Why the effort? Becos first prize was $1000 and it's all going to Fox Terrier Rescue. Bravo!

It's been raining and raining, so the only good thing to come out of it is many playdates with my girlfriend Gracie. Yesterday she came over to my place, and this afternoon I went to hers. Here we are grinning our faces off - boy do I look silly!

Mom spent most of the day in the kitchen. I thought she was making my chicken and boiling my marrow bones - but alas no. It seems she up and invited half the neighborhood to lunch tomorrow, including my nemesis Rex - I mean what is up with that Mom? I spotted big hunks of London Broil, chicken breasts that Mom spent hours making into pretty, colorful kebabs, and lots of salad stuff. I can't go near Mom 'cos she honks of garlic - she made garlic bread and garlic-vinagrette marinade for the beef. And then on the table I spotted this delicious smelling cake - Mom told me it's a Blitz Torte (Grandma in South Africa's speciality) and not to "Dare put your long snoot near it!" Oh but it smells so yummy - it is two layers and has meringue on the top! And tomorrow she's going to sandwich it together with whipped cream!

I think I'll have to sneak downstairs when they are both asleep and have a piece....

Finally, kudos to Minnie, Sharon Osbourne's Pomeranian who had the good judgement to bite Patrick Swayze when he appeared as a guest on Sharon's talk show. Don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting dog biting - I just get a kind of thrill when it's directed at a celebrity has-been like Swayze. I saw him in that Dirty Dancing flick - and frankly, his gyrating grossed me out!

And one last thing, there was a very good new development in New York this week. A judge issued a restraining order on behalf of a dog " using a new state law that offers protection to pets." A 20-year-old man was ordered to stay at least 90 metres away from the five-year-old bichon frise, Bebe, after he was arrested and charged with injury to an animal for allegedly hitting the pup.
Of course if I was the judge, I would have strung up the 20-year-old man and gotten Minnie and all her mates to bit him repeatedly in the groin. But of course, I, Axel G Chocholoza, am way ahead of the times...