Friday, October 06, 2006

Excitement in the House

Apologies for not writing for a few days. It seems whenever I slack off, Mom gets an email from grandma in South Africa asking if everything is okay! We're fine Grandma, just busy! The main excuse I have for less frequent posting is that I now spend most of my days with Gracie thanks to the generosity of Gracie's Mom who is the bestest lady in the world apart from Mom. I help keep Gracie out of trouble so her Mom can get some work done, and at the same time it distracts me from barking! So we have a good thing's just not going to last long alas, 'cos Gracie's family are moving to another state...but I can't bear to even think about it!

Guess what? there is a mouse in our house! I can smell it under the skirting boards in the kitchen, but I can't find the darn thing! Whenever Mom or Dad hear the mouse, they holler for me to come and catch it, but so far I have failed. It's hurting my reputation as a terrier!

On Sunday we are all going the All Terrier Show at Montgomery. "Unentered" dogs like me are not really allowed to go, but Mom and Dad are taking me anyway because there are many wiry friends (both dog and human) who want to meet the dog behind the blog! Mom is positively beside herself with excitement and if I have to hear about the "75 Wires" who will be competing one more time, I think I may vomit. Why Mother would be interested in seeing anyone besides me, is beyond me. I may have a crooked tail, but I am more handsome than any show dog!

By the way, Smitty (a wiry pal I will be meeting on Sunday) asked me if there would be any poodles at the event - I assured him there would not, and he was much relieved. It seems well-coiffed poodles give him the willies! Which reminds me, can you believe that some man in the park had the temerity to ask Mom if I was a "long nosed poodle"! I nearly took a crap on his ankle in pure revenge, but unfortunately I wasn't feeling a bowel movement at that exact moment. Darn it.

Expect to see an extra long edition of my blog on Sunday evening full of photos from the Terrier Show - you won't want to miss it!
I'm going to rest now - Mom and Dad just returned from dinner at a steakhouse and Mom generously brought home three quarters of her steak and many fries for ME! It was rather delicious, but I do prefer McDonald's fries if you really want to know.