Monday, November 19, 2007

Visiting Gracie in Western Massachusetts

On Friday, we packed up Dad's truck and went on a very long drive to visit Gracie and her peeps in South Hadley, Mass. I was the navigator and made sure I had my map handy.

I was very alert the whole way to make sure that Dad did not get lost. I did not want to land up in Canada!

We pulled into Gracie's driveway around 8pm Friday. Gracie's Mom Di was a bit nervous to reunite us as Gracie can be an aggressive gal when she doesn't know you. Dad was fully confident that we would remember eachother, and disregarding Di's nerves, he opened his car door and literally threw me out. Gracie bounded towards me, Di nearly had a heart attack...but of course we recognized eachother, and boy were we happy to see eachother! Unfortunately it was pitch dark, so we have no photos of the heartwarming reunion.

However, for the next 2 days, all we (Gracie, her little bro Fenway and me) did was play and run and eat a few yummy bones that Mom packed! Gracie has an awesome, huge back yard the size of my park at home! She sure is a lucky gal!

We also played inside a lot! Fenway and I got along real well, Gracie is more mature now and didn't always want to join us in our wrestling!

Massachusetts sure is pretty - we drove around and saw lots of pretty trees and sites:

On Sunday we visited Di's brother Tim - he lives in the woods and has more land than I have spunk! We were supposed to go for a walk in the woods, but the day before a Coyote had grabbed a little dog and nearly killed it, so we didn't want to risk it until the hunters shot him. Poor Coyote. Tim and his lovely wife and kids have lots of animals - 6 dogs and many of these funny birds called chickens. I'd never seen a real chicken before, I just enjoyed eating the featherless product! I was a little scared of them to be honest.

I met one of Tim's bitches - she's a special hunting dog that flew to America all the way from the Czech Republic! The breed is called Cesky Fousek - they have wiry hair like me - Mom thought she was adorable. I was more interested in the Khoi fish in the pond and jumped in to take a swim with them. Dumb move on my part, I forgot it was 25F outside - I soon regretted it when I started to shiver!

I met more dogs at Tim's place - but I didn't really know them and we left Gracie and Fenway at home, so I didn't feel very sociable. Besides, I was freezing my nuts off. Oh yeah, I forgot, I don't have any...but you get the idea!

Between shivers though, I did marvel at the beauty and space around us. I could quite easily adapt to life in the country! All that space to run and play!

I have to admit, I was so nervous when I saw Mom and Dad packing up the truck on Sunday - I feared they might leave me and bugger off somewhere (again) - so I jumped into the truck way before they were even ready to depart. So I never said goodbye to Gracie or Fenway...sorry guys, I do love you, but home is with my humans. Home is in the city. Home is even my tiny back yard, just big enough to pee in. But it sure was GREAT to visit! Hope to do it again soon!