Monday, October 08, 2007

Scenes from a Dog Show

Remember I told you about little Rosalina, the ginger wire girl from Italy I met at the show yesterday? Well, it turns out that Dad captured her on video, so you can all see for yourself how gorgeous she is. Sorry Miss Amelia, Asta, Koobus -- I have a new love. Quel bella doga (my Italian is not great, I admit!)

Also, I know many of you have never had the pleasure of going to Montgomery or seeing Wires in the ring. So Dad made a video just for you of some beautiful wires competing in the ring. Enjoy!

And in late breaking won't believe this!!
Ricky Pepper has a NEW BROTHER. That brings the Doxie tally to FOUR! A family of 5 dogs including Chloe the Beagle. Welcome Teddy - you sure lucked out with your new family!!