Monday, October 08, 2007

Scenes from a Dog Show

Remember I told you about little Rosalina, the ginger wire girl from Italy I met at the show yesterday? Well, it turns out that Dad captured her on video, so you can all see for yourself how gorgeous she is. Sorry Miss Amelia, Asta, Koobus -- I have a new love. Quel bella doga (my Italian is not great, I admit!)

Also, I know many of you have never had the pleasure of going to Montgomery or seeing Wires in the ring. So Dad made a video just for you of some beautiful wires competing in the ring. Enjoy!

And in late breaking won't believe this!!
Ricky Pepper has a NEW BROTHER. That brings the Doxie tally to FOUR! A family of 5 dogs including Chloe the Beagle. Welcome Teddy - you sure lucked out with your new family!!



Smitty said...

Che cagna bella! (I think ...) I'm pretty sure that means "what a beautiful dog." And boy, she sure is! I'm jealous that you actually got to meet her Ax. What an alert and pretty little girl. Sigh ...

Your pal,

Ricky Pepper said...

This is the mommy speaking...Looks like you had a fabuolus time in NY! Asta is so pretty and how sweet of her to give a toy to Axel! I personally am not sure what to say about Teddy except that I swear these dogs find us. That really is the only explanation right? I only looked for Ricky and Chloe...the rest found me! I must be nuts. My poor, poor carpets. Next project: hardwood floors, LOL! Don't let me adopt any more dogs!

(Ricky says let me adopt lots more, he's having a blast playing with Teddy, who has turned out to be not quite the brightest crayon in the box)

William Tell said...

We can never get enough of looking at beautiful terriers. Thanks for sharing!

William Tell

Asta said...

I'm sooo behind! I loved meeting youw Mommi, she's the sweetest, and gave me lots of lovies..she's weally good at that,I'm so glad she saw me at the wun too..I hope that now that she's in love with that gowgeous Rosalina..che bella cane!!!,she'll still love me a little. I love the pix and videos of the doggie show! I weally have to go nextyeaw!! Seeing you pay so caweful attention to youw Daddy while youwe wunning rwee makes me feel a little bettew about all the caws, but it's still a little scawy!! Youw Mommi is a gweat photogwapher!! I think by fwiday I can post! Yeah!!!!!
hope you'we having a gweat day!
smoochie kisses

Gus said...

We are surely glad your mom and dad got that video camera. Rosalina is beautiful! And all those wires look so handsome.

Thanks guys

Wired for Mackie said...

Sure looks like everyone had fun! I know FINNEGAN did! I can't believe tey left me at home again. This stinks! Still glad that everyone had a good time, and at least Finnegan was tired the next day and left me alone! heheheh!

Your pal, MAckie

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Axel...we 'most fell off the puter when we went to Ricky's blog!!!!! There will be NO line in heaven for their hoomans!! What beautiful foxy's you found at Montgomery!!! Did u get a peemail address for the regal Rosalina??? Hey, how's ur itchies?????

The Scruffster

Koobuss said...


Rosalina is gorgeous! If I must lose you, Ax, at least it was to someone really special. I always knew you had good taste.

What beautiful dogs!! We WFT's really "got it"!!

Koobuss Kisses (Can I still send you these?)

Asta said...

Hi Koobie!
I'm back!
I've missed you!
did youw Mommi kidnap Rosalia fow you??hehehe
sweet dweams
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

I've been pwacticing my Mooos fow days now, but Mommi says I can't weaw my costoome till the big pawty at the wun..I'll have lots of pictoowes to show evewyone, I pwomise!
It's waining hewe so I'm a little about you?
smoochie kisses

Lenny said...

Hey Axel, that Rosalina is beaut-issimo! OK, I made that word up, but she is one foxy lady. I put an award for you on my blog - stop by sometime!

Your friend, Lenny

Asta said...

Hi Axel
I see them filming all the law and owdew in my neighbowhood, but I've nevew been asked to make a guest appeawance..I pawsonally think, having a wiwe fox tewwiew in any show would impwove it!
smoochie kisses