Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Big Scare

Well, I frightened my parents half to death this weekend. I don't know what happened, one minute I was happily walking with Mom in the park, even ate a snack I found on the ground, jumped in and out the car....and then I didn't feel good and lay on the couch and found I wasn't hungry, didn't even try to eat the parent's take out Chinese. Unusual.

Then, I couldn't get up. I couldn't move. It was horrible. Dad tried to help me but oh, the pain. I cried. It was after midnight and Dad was so worried, poor Dad, he went and woke Mom. Mom then came down and spoke to me and tried to coax me off the couch. I wanted to please them, but I couldn't get up. It broke my heart to see them so upset and scared.

Dad lifted me off the sofa and put me on the carpet. I just stood and lifted my leg. I couldn't walk. Dad had to carry me up the stairs and we all got into bed and tried to sleep. I know Mom didn't sleep much, every 20 minutes I felt her put her hand in front of my nose and on my belly - I think she was checking I was breathing! I didn't move all night.

First thing Saturday morning I was carried to the car and taken to the vet. Two vets felt my legs and knees and hips. They took my temperature, checked my eyes, ears and bum, and decided I must have had a bad hip/upper leg sprain. They prescribed anti inflammatories and told Mom and Dad to watch me and check in in a few days, and to keep my activity limited. Mom said, unfortunately that won't be a problem, since I wasn't walking very much. I walked a bit at the vet, mainly 'cos I just wanted to go home. All the leg/hip manipulations hurt! Actually, at one point, I was so unhappy I snapped and growled, so they "Hannibal Lecter"ed me!

I think it was most cruel of Dad to snap a photo of me at my worst moment! And Mom laughed through her tears!

When we got home, we stopped in the park and I took a good poop. Boy I felt better! Nothing like a good poopie! I then rested at home for 2 hours but then Mom and Dad forced me to get up and walk a bit. Mom's theory was it was important for me not to be scared to walk. So they carried me down our front stairs and stood me outside. I took a few steps and it felt ok. I took more...then I took off down the road...Dad in tow. Mom grinning from the door. I walked all the way round the block to see my buddy Elvis and his Mom P. I told Elvis all about my ordeal, he was very sympathetic!

Anyway, since then, I have felt so good. Today I am back to normal, running, playing with toys and demanding many snacks. Mom and Dad are totally mystified!!

I am Axel G Chocholoza - Wire of Mystery.

Thanks for everyone's love and prayers. I think they helped a LOT.