Monday, December 29, 2008

Boomer and Me

Well, you've all HEARD a lot about Boomer and seen a few photos - how would you like to see him in action and see what I put up with every hour, every day? When he leaves (possibly) this weekend, I think I deserve a week at a health spa in reward for putting up with his antics. Agree?


Friday, December 26, 2008

Boo Blogs...well, sort of.

Hi, my name is Boomer. Axel told me about his blog and he said I could give it a try. So I'm with Ron, Dani and Ax for a while and it's been fun. Oh hang on, what's that I hear? Gotta go check it out, be back soon....ok, I'm back. It was Axel biting his bum. So where was I? Yeah, so I came to Philly from NY via North Carolina, it's all a bit confusing. What was that? I smell something weird...hang on...gotta go check. Ok, I'm back, it was the Hanukkah candles dying out. So I really like Axel, I especially enjoy dive bombing him and jumping on his back. Uh oh, something moved downstairs, be right back. Oh, it was Ron, he's putting the trash outside....


Ok everyone, it's me Ax. Clearly Boo's ADHD is too profound to render him a competant blogger. The bloke can't sit still for 2 minutes. So I told him I heard a mouse and off he went. Heh heh. These pups are so easy to trick - Boo is especially niave!

Let me tell you, this guy never lets me rest. It's a tad irritating sometimes, but I just have to give him a look or bare my teeth and he gets the message.

Yesterday he very skillfully jumped up on a shelf and grabbed a whole bag of treats while the people were sleeping late. He then brought the bag to me and we enjoyed the spoils. So I really do like having him around. He thinks of crazy shit that doesn't even cross my mind and he can jump real high - just like Pacco de Mongrel!

Boo is very agile, he can get into tight spots becos he is so skinny (he'll never qualify for the Substantial Wires Club!) - so is very good at retrieving Snax that roll under furniture. He has also proven to be quite a barker - and he doesn't even need me to set him off! And like all us wires, he likes to walk and sleep atop our furniture.

Looks like he will be leaving us next weekend, and I will miss the little fella. He is a sweet soul who though a tad cuckoo, will grow into a very wonderful companion and best friend to the lucky family he adopts.

Besides, he does slow down sometimes, and when he does, he looks like the most angelic, adorable creature on earth:

Enjoy your weekend! Mom keeps telling me that the Crocodile is arriving tomorrow. Huh? Sounds kinda scary, but she told me that she will be bringing me treats, so I guess it must be a benevolent such reptiles exist?


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crazy Boo

I tell you, this Boomer dude is nuts. He is hyper ADHD wired 24/7. He never slows down. But I'm sweet on him, he's certainly fun to be around...and exhausting. We had some drama yesterday when Dad sprained his ankle and Mom was forced to become sole dog walker last evening and this morning. Poor Mom, she had to take us separately. Anyway, pleased to report, Dad is MUCH better and managed to take us out this evening.

I thought you'd enjoy some more photos of the two of us. Here is a rare moment when we are chilling on top of the couch...

Here is Boo enjoying one of my many Snax toys:

I tell you, he is quite a little rascal. We already have a few nicknames for him - Wee Willie Winkie (cos he loves to run up and down steps on his walks), Love Bug (cos he loves to love and be loved), Skinny Malinky Long Legs (he sure is thin and he has long legs!) and Crazy Boy (no need to explain).

We hear there are a few families lining up to give him his forever fingers crossed he will have a wonderful new life by his first birthday on January 14. Though he is a bit of a pain, I reckon I'll miss him when he goes....


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Hanukkah Guest

Please welcome Boomer Newman - he is our house guest for the next couple of weeks. Boomer is almost a year old and he's been with us for 4 hours...and I can tell you, I'm pooped already. This guy is a wire on speed! He is GO GO GO all the time...wrestling, mouthing, bitey face...boy I tell you, I could use a rest.

I've been the perfect host, allowed him to share the affections of my parents, play with all my toys, jump on MY couch and MY bed...the parents are rather impressed with me. Boo tried to hump me a few times, and I let him - I mean he's trying to be boss which we all know is rather hilarious, cos he ain't going to be the boss of me in MY HOUSE.

Mom and Dad took us for a walk. Boo was all over the place, deliriously happy to be outdoors in the ice and wet. I showed him my park and he enjoyed it immensely. I teased him a bit 'cos I, Axel G Chocholoza, being an unusual wire, was off leash most of the time, while Boo had to be tethered of course, 'cos I tell you, off leash, that guy would be half way to Florida in a nano-second and he'd probably make it there by nightfall!

We ran into a few dogs and Boo was very interested in sniffing butts.

The good news is that Boo is not much of a barker, that was Mom and Dad's only wee concern due to noise intolerant neighbor to our right. We expect he might have a heart attack the first time he spots me and Boo walking down the street - his ultimate nightmare - two barking wires! Mom and Dad thought of forewarning him with a note, but then decided it was stupid and unnecessary - if and when we bump him, we'll just explain that Boo is a temp wire.

I hope you will all welcome Boomie to the blog world.
Happy Hanukkah to all - it starts tonite at sundown.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays All!

I love the holidays!!!

So the other day a box arrived for me from North Dakota. The parents and I wracked our collective brains to try to figure out who we knew in Fargo! We'd loved the movie, but we couldn't think of anyone there.... So we opened the box and inside was a littler box for me and a card. On the cover of the card was a PUG! We have a few pug friends, but none we know well enough to get a gift from, and none in Fargo! But then the mystery was solved - for the card read, "Happy Holidays love Jackson" and there is ONLY ONE Jackson! We realized that our pal in London had ordered me this delicious holiday gift ONLINE and they'd mailed it out! Doesn't it look like the best gift ever!? The company who made these tasty carob bone-shaped biscuits is called Doggielicious - and boy were they yummy! The parents are rationing them out to me 'cos they call me Fat Boy now. Isn't that lovely! Not!

Mom wrote to the company to compliment them on their fine merchandise and asked if we could sample a few more to review on - and they said YES. So more cookies coming MY way...though mother is threatening to hire new biscuit tasters given my girth. Harumpfffff! By the way, for the record, I think our favorite friend Christina's gourmet cookies from her biz called Woofs and Whiskers are equally delicious! I never turn down a good treat!

In other news, I got one of my hanukkah gifts from the parents...a silly looking loofah penguin in a red Xmas hat with a pom-pom. Mom knows I like pom-poms, which is why she chose this. I must say, I do dig Mr Penguin. I've had him 5 days and he's still in one piece...a hanukkah miracle?

Finally, I have a complaint. Mother is working too hard on MY computer. Look carefully in the picture below and you will see clearly that this laptop is MINE. Mom is addicted to this silly machine - I only use it for blogging - which as you can tell, I don't do very often 'cos Mom uses it all the time! I am forced to draw up a chair next to her if I want any quality time....

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Kracking Kwanzaai to all my friends around the world!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Big Scare

Well, I frightened my parents half to death this weekend. I don't know what happened, one minute I was happily walking with Mom in the park, even ate a snack I found on the ground, jumped in and out the car....and then I didn't feel good and lay on the couch and found I wasn't hungry, didn't even try to eat the parent's take out Chinese. Unusual.

Then, I couldn't get up. I couldn't move. It was horrible. Dad tried to help me but oh, the pain. I cried. It was after midnight and Dad was so worried, poor Dad, he went and woke Mom. Mom then came down and spoke to me and tried to coax me off the couch. I wanted to please them, but I couldn't get up. It broke my heart to see them so upset and scared.

Dad lifted me off the sofa and put me on the carpet. I just stood and lifted my leg. I couldn't walk. Dad had to carry me up the stairs and we all got into bed and tried to sleep. I know Mom didn't sleep much, every 20 minutes I felt her put her hand in front of my nose and on my belly - I think she was checking I was breathing! I didn't move all night.

First thing Saturday morning I was carried to the car and taken to the vet. Two vets felt my legs and knees and hips. They took my temperature, checked my eyes, ears and bum, and decided I must have had a bad hip/upper leg sprain. They prescribed anti inflammatories and told Mom and Dad to watch me and check in in a few days, and to keep my activity limited. Mom said, unfortunately that won't be a problem, since I wasn't walking very much. I walked a bit at the vet, mainly 'cos I just wanted to go home. All the leg/hip manipulations hurt! Actually, at one point, I was so unhappy I snapped and growled, so they "Hannibal Lecter"ed me!

I think it was most cruel of Dad to snap a photo of me at my worst moment! And Mom laughed through her tears!

When we got home, we stopped in the park and I took a good poop. Boy I felt better! Nothing like a good poopie! I then rested at home for 2 hours but then Mom and Dad forced me to get up and walk a bit. Mom's theory was it was important for me not to be scared to walk. So they carried me down our front stairs and stood me outside. I took a few steps and it felt ok. I took more...then I took off down the road...Dad in tow. Mom grinning from the door. I walked all the way round the block to see my buddy Elvis and his Mom P. I told Elvis all about my ordeal, he was very sympathetic!

Anyway, since then, I have felt so good. Today I am back to normal, running, playing with toys and demanding many snacks. Mom and Dad are totally mystified!!

I am Axel G Chocholoza - Wire of Mystery.

Thanks for everyone's love and prayers. I think they helped a LOT.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Mouse Wars

I have to brag. I caught a mouse last night in the basement. Ok, so it was already dead, so what? I, Axel G Chocholoza is the one who FOUND it and alerted Dad by barking solidly for half an hour while staring at the spot of death.
Dad did the heavy lifting - crawling behind the stairway to retrieve it, but I grabbed it and did a happy dance around the room with it in my mouth and then handed it over to Dad for disposal.

I've been after these buggers forever. At last I got one!


Mouse Slayer...ok, more truthfully, Dead Mouse Locator