Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weird Wedding Rituals

Weird things are happening at home. Last night I was sitting with Mom in the Wedding room (that's what I call my former computer room) when she suddenly opened a box and out came this long net thing, and Mom proceeded to put it on top of her head. She looked like a bizarre lampshade that was designed to ward off flying insects. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled and sang a tune that went "here comes the bride...". I think she's lost her marbles. I tried to jump as I high as I could to grab the net thing and yank it off her head so I could see her face again. Mom threw a fit, yelled at me and put the thing back in its box.

What a relief.

I have a new trick. It's called the steal and skulk (as opposed to the switch and bait). This is how it goes. I sneak into Mom and Dad's room and steal something I know I'm not supposed to steal like Dad's good sneaker or Mom's new slippers. I then creep away as stealthily as I can, head low but watching for Mom and Dad out of the corner of my eye. All the time I say to myself in my inside voice, "don't look at me now, I"m invisible, I'm not really stealing anything..." Most of the time I succeed and then race off with my prize, but sometimes Mom and Dad just laugh and declare, "we can see you silly boy! That's not yours, now give it back!"

They say spring is here but it's still frigging cold. However, the daffodils have sprung up in our tiny yard, and every evening Mom drags me outside to marvel at their beauty. Mom is not renowned for her gardening skills - Grandma Toby planted those before my time. They smell nice and I do like to pee on them...but I try not to 'cos I know they lift Mom's spirits and hopes that Spring will truly arrive one day SOON.

Well, got to run, my time is limited...I don't even have time to post pics, sorry!