Friday, November 11, 2005

Sooo Many Birthdays!

Wow, so many of my friends are having birthdays this week! Let's meet a few of them, shall we?
First up is Kodi, who just turned two. Kodi has a big, bossy sister Maddie who is 3, and they are both rescues from down south. They love walks, playing and barking at cats. They also enjoy the challenge of trying to escape out of their yard by digging under the 6 foot fence, just like they do in prison outbreak shows! Maddie is the boss, and is always after Kodi to behave, but he's pretty incorrigible and loves eating his mom's grandkids' barbie dolls and trucks! And I thought I was bad! That's Kodi sitting on the right, Maddie on the left, and a pretend wire at the back!

Then we have my smooth friends Lottie and siblings Sugar Bear and Gunner who are also celebrating this week!

Gunner (aka MTN Fox Ghost Rider) , now 2 years old, lives with many other sweet foxies in Utah, near the Wasatch Mountains. His Mom told me that he's almost human and loves to wrap his arms around her arm and "hold" her. Hmm, not sure I'd like to be human - who wants to walk on two legs and work all day when you can run on four and have fun all the time? But I guess Gunner's Mom means he's human in that (and I find this hard to believe) he can speak like a human and say "Mama". Maybe the high altitude in the Utah mountains causes delusions? Heh heh, eek, I may get into trouble for saying that about Gunner's Mom Bev.
Gunner has a brother Sugar Bear who is owned by Cindy - he is pictured right. They sure look like brothers, don't they? Happy 2nd Birthday Gunner and Sugar Bear!

Both Gunner and Sugar Bear are lucky to have big foxie families. I wish I did, but I'm an only child for now. Check out Sugar Bear and his siblings Beauty and Gidget Louise, having a wild time with their frisbee! They live together in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Lottie is a smooth gal who turned 3 this week. She seems to have an identity crisis believing herself to sometimes be a mountain goat according to her Mom Claudia. I hope that doesn't mean she has a beard, I don't like beards on bitches! I scrutinized the pics of Lottie and am relieved to tell you that I see no beard in sight! Phew. I sure like her black markings - she's beautiful. And I wish my tail was that straight! Mom and Dad call me CT - Curly Tail. I don't like being called that thank you very much. It injures my manhood.

A last birthday wish goes to my beloved Miss Amelia's human Dad, Phillip, who celebrates his birthday on Sunday. I have no idea how old he is in human terms, but to look at him I would guess he's about 4 years old in dog years. Bet his three furkids keep him young and trim. Check him out trying to lift his birthday cake while simultaneously working out on that weird machine they call a treadmill. I guess he thinks if he eats and exercises at the same time he won't get fat. LOL...humans are so silly sometimes. (I sure would like a slice of that cake, I don't have to watch my figure...)

Speaking of Miss Amelia, I got a nasty email today from Miss Amelia's brother Bigfoot Fletch. It reads in part, "Hey, mind your manners here! I know exactly what you are up to! Unless you have serious intentions, don't mess with my lil' sis or you will have me, Woody and big Beau to answer to!!!! Amelia is not just one of your groupies ....she is a lady."

Geez Bigfoot Fletch, I am shaking...I am soooo afraid of you. Not! I'll challenge you, Woody and big Beau to a tug-o-war anytime. Just name the time and place. I'll do anything to win Miss Amelia's heart!

Well, on that defiant note, happy birthday again to all my friends, and have a great weekend! I am going to visit my lab/chow cousin Jakie at his big house on Sunday. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.