Saturday, September 17, 2005

Grandma is Here, Oh Boy!

Geez, now that grandma is here, I can't get near the computer cos the computer room has been turned into her bedroom. I really like grandma but she keeps calling me a "she" and sometimes she even calls me "Georgie" cos I remind her so much of my predecessor who grew up with mom and grandma in South Africa. It's a tad irritating.

Plus, listen to this. When they went to pick her up at JFK, they put me in the laundry room at 5am in the morning. No walk. No breakfast. I didn't know what was up. And Mom said they'd be back in 3 hours, and instead they walked in after 2pm! I was ravenous and pissed off. It seems some tanker truck had the temerity to explode on the NJ turnpike and Mom, Dad and Grandma had to sit in traffic for 3 hours (while yours truly sat home alone!). I was so happy to see them all that I went nuts, bit grandma and ran around in circles for about 20 minutes.

Then today, Mom and Grandma went to check out flowers for the wedding, and it was back to the laundry room with me! Again, it took longer than Mom promised it would, AND they forgot to leave a light on for me, so they came home at 8pm and there I was, sitting in the dark house, and hungry as dinner was 2 hours overdue.

I don't think I like this grandma visiting business at all.


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