Sunday, November 12, 2006

Levittown? I thought I was going to JAMAICA!

Mom doesn't stop yapping to me about going away somewhere on Monday night. Her and Dad have been talking about Jamaica this and Jamaica that, so naturally I assumed that was where we were all going. Now Mom tells me I am going to Levittown instead. WHAT?

I am not happy. Who the heck wants to go to Levittown instead of the island paradise of Jamaica? And what the heck am I going to do there all alone? Mom keeps telling me that I've been there before for a visit and that the people I will be sojourning with are kind and fun, and they have a big yard for me to play in and three kitty friends. I also will not be alone during the day, and I won't have to put up with mean neighbor!! Woohoo!

The yard does sounds good, not sure about the cats! By way of explanation, Mom told me that if I came to Jamaica I would have to spend 4 hours in my crate on the plane and that would NOT be fun. I have to agree on that count, so maybe Levittown won't be so bad? And as the folks keep telling me - it's only 7 days! I know I"ll miss them and they will miss me - I just hope they can manage without me. I have my doubts.

Mom and Dad got out a huge red suitcase and started throwing all their clothes and worldly possessions in there. So I jumped in to help get them organized:

I don't know if the Levittown people have a computer I can use, so this may be my last blog entry for a while. So toodles friends - have a good week!