Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Loving

Hello All,

Sorry I've been rather lazy about updating my blog. Unlike wintertime, I have better things to do than to sit at my computer when the weather is balmy outside. I've been having a glorious time!

Aunty Lynne has been taking me on many combo hikes and swims in the woods. Sorry no photos, but they are coming soon, as Aunty did take photos this weekend on her new digital camera and she promised to let me have some for the blog. We do six miles at a time, and I love every minute of it!

Mom and Dad try their best but they are lazy! On Friday Mom took me to Fairmount Park near our house where there is a small pond. I met a new Rottie Mix friend who's name I forget, and we had a swell time running and jumping in the pond. Actually Rottie pal doesn't like to swim, go figure! Here are some pictures of the good times spent...don't I look like a skinny guy? I think the hiking with Aunty has caused me to lose a few pounds!

Summer in our house also means great snacks! The ice cream man drives around every evening and Mom and Dad usually share a soft serve ice cream with me. And every night more or less, we braai - that is the South African word for barbeque (its pronounced BR-eye) - hotdogs, burgers, steak, fish and of course, buttery corn. I love corn but I'll be damned, the stuff goes out in my poo in the same form it went in...have any of you noticed that?

Not much else to report, it's lovely outside today - around 80F and due to rain soon. I have been thinking of my pals Butchy and Snickers in Iowa a lot, I hope everyone affected by the horrid floods are doing okay. I'm going to say good bye for now and go back to sitting on our front steps with Dad as I was doing before I came in to blog...

You may notice I have black stripes on my head - after my walk with aunty yesterday I was so tired and hot, I crawled under her car and result? Greasy head! Heh heh. You will also notice that Dad shaved off his goatee and mustache (and chimes in Mom from the passage, needs a haircut, "he looks like Crusty the Clown!"). Mom didn't notice at first, and then when she did, she decried its removal and demanded its return. Dad is contemplating...he, poor deluded soul, thinks no beard means he looks younger! That theory doesn't fly with me, I have a beard and I still look like a young, dapper Wire! I kinda like that we looked like father and son...I too hope he grows it back!


Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Return of Mr. Handsome

Mom came back from London on Sunday. I ignored her for a while eventhough I was thrilled to see her. Humans need to understand that they can't just up and leave us for vacation and not expect us to be miffed!

On Wednesday, Mom dropped me off at Pooches Choice for my haircut. Seven hours later, Mom picked me up and she went into raptures about how magnificent I looked! That's me on the couch taken a few days later. Don't I look handsome? I should for $96!

This morning auntie Lynne picked me up and took me on a 6 mile hike. We had a blast though it is a heatwave here (95F) and I had many swims and dips in water. Auntie was very impressed with my swimming. Afterwards, Mom came to pick me up from Auntie's apartment where I hung out with Auntie's kitty Lucas. Here is a picture of me and Mom taken at Auntie Lynne's place...

Mom, you need a tan woman!

Tomorrow is the annual bike race in Philadelphia and my pal Finn is coming up from Maryland with his parents. I can't wait to see him again!