Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Birthday Cometh!

Hear ye! Hear ye! On Thursday, May 17 is my birthday!!! I will be 2! That means that in human years I have already surpassed my bar mitzvah. What a relief that Mom and Dad didn't make me read the torah in synagogue - I don't think I could have pulled that off!

Mom came home late tonite and she was clutching a Petsmart bag when she walked in the door. I just know she went shopping for my birthday!! I tried to help her with her package but she told me it was not something for me. Yeah right Mom - I have a powerful sniffer and I smelled DINGOs and liver treats and toys!!! I might be almost 2 only but I wasn't born yesterday!

Today is the democratic election for Mayor of Philadelphia. Dad went off after our walk this morning to vote - poor Mom is not a citizen yet, so she gets no vote. She is pissed as she thinks a permanent resident implies you ain't leaving...so give me the vote!! Anyway...everyone else has endorsed candidates, so because my blog is so well read, and because I am a citizen albeit with out the right to vote, I am going to formally announce my endorsement. I, Axel G Chocholoza hereby endorse Tom Knox, for the very salient reason that his name rhymes with FOX and that is good enough for ME!