Monday, May 19, 2008

Dragon Slayer Extraordinaire

Not 24 hours after my birthday, did I, Axel G Chocholoza, slay my parental birthday gift, the mighty purple dragon with scaly back and scary unfurling tail and tongue! I was very pleased with myself as you can see! Note the huge hole in the dragon's side! And also notice, that even though a toy is NOT a bone, nor messy, I know to eat/kill anything ON A TOWEL! Mom is very impressed that I figured that out myself!

The party continued today folks, with a box arriving from Switzerland! It came from one of my favorite Airedales Faya, who is very clever indeed as she blogs in both English and French! We love reading her blog because not only is it fascinating to learn about life in a neutral country, but we also learn some French! Faya sent me a wonderful postcard with her face on it, a bag of beef rawhide bones, a cute bandana with cows on it, a bouncy purple ball and this wonderful, colourful toy that has a ball on a rope that you can hide in an attached pouch! It's all terribly exciting!
[By the way, Mom insisted I photoshop her out of these photos, she was muttering something about "God I have a hideous nose!" - not wanting to hear her drone on, I just did as I was told!]

I played with the Hide-A-Ball for some time, and then insisted on a bone. I promptly ran upstairs and hid it behind Dad's pillow to retrieve later. My theory has always been that a bone that is hidden for a while always tastes far better post hiding! Sort of like a marinade! Thank you dear Faya - you are a very kind and generous friend!

Unfortunately, my wish for Mom's event did not come true. It poured and poured buckets of rain for 4 of the 5 hours of the event. Poor Mom came home looking like a very tired, irate, soggy fishfinger! She seemed to take out some of her angst on me and Dad. Geez Mom, you didn't really expect us to attend your event in the pouring rain, did you? We support you wholeheartedly but we aren't bonkers! We had a glorious day indoors, on the couch, watching TV!