Thursday, November 10, 2005

Friends Remembered and Gained

This post is dedicated to the memory of dear Tucker who I mentioned in yesterday's blog entry. By all accounts he sounds like the most loyal and caring companion to his family Melinda, Frieda and Angel. Rest in peace dear Tucker.

I have a new girlfriend to introduce (don't get too jealous Miss Amelia. I never said I was monogomous!). Her name is Scarlett - named after that bitch in Gone with the Wind! Scarlett lives with her Mom Melanie in Winnipeg, Canada (I wonder if she's met Colby?). Her Mom tells me, "She's three years old. She loves to be always on the move with walks, car rides, up and down the A-frame in agility, or chasing leaves or squirrels or tennis balls. She can demolish a soccer ball in seconds. She's a tough girl but she also likes quiet times watching TV or curling up next to me at my desk. She thinks Axel is very, very handsome indeed. She's been laughing at all his bad antics the last few days..."

"Very, very handsome indeed" - what a perfect description of my good looks! Thanks Scarlett, you're pretty cute yourself - groomed or fuzzy!

Speaking of grooming....I seem to not only be a chick magnet, but a burr magnet too! Everytime Dad takes me for a romp in the park, I come home covered in those prickly things. As I'm always sticking my nose into bushes, they particularly like to cling to my face. Dad calls me "Snoot" becos of this.

My other friends Swoop and Bailey are short-haired and don't have any problems with burrs. It's not really fair when you think about it.

Here is a pic of me getting a burr near my nose removed. Check out my new adult teeth, I am fearsome!

Eventhough I tease Miss Amelia that Scarlett is my new girlfriend, I want her to know that I still think she is quite ravishing, long nails and all. I'm sure all my fellow readers would agree? That's her on the right. She makes my loins stir.

Last night there was a huge thunderstorm outside. I was convinced that the lightening and thunder were attacking our house, so while Mom and Dad slept, I stayed alert and barked all night. Funny, I didn't know Mom and Dad talked let alone yelled in their sleep, but every now again I'd hear a loud, "oh shut up Axel!" Of course, I totally ignored their ramblings and kept on barking. It really is deplorable how much they rely on me to protect the house. Such a huge responsibility for a 5-month old wire.

It's blowing gales today, leaves are flying all over the place - it's kind of fun to chase them and chew them!