Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Counting Our Blessings

Woohoo, looks like I'll finally get to see the white stuff tomorrow! My pal Pippin in Albany, NY already emailed me to say it's falling in her back yard, and is on its way to me! Check out today's weather forecast from NBC:

Dad keeps telling me how much he hates the snow and wishes he lived in California. Mom doesn't dig it either coming from the warm climes of Africa and all. But phooey on them, I just know I'm going to love it!

My pal Banba sent me another pic of her in the snow...I must say I had to strain my eyes to find her in amongst all the white stuff! She looks like she has been temporarily exiled to Siberia or the Arctic circle! I get shivery just looking at her and all that snow!

You know I keep wanting to refer to Banba as Bamba because Mom always tells me about this awesome Israeli peanut butter snack called Bamba (it looks a bit like the American Cheetos). It is the best-selling snack and the strongest children’s brand name in Israel. Below is a picture of it...I know most of us can't read Hebrew, but take my word for it, it says Bamba on the front. Maybe my wiry pal Maccabee in Israel could mail me a packet!?

Well, it looks like I will be going along to the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night because my Dad's cousins just got a Yorkshire Terrier puppy and they are bringing it along! Personally, I think Yorkies are nerve endings with hair - but whatever, maybe he'll be fun to push around! Heh heh. So anyway...I leave you now with this very silly Thanksgiving picture I found silly it made me laugh and bark at the same time!

Let us all count our blessings and appreciate every minute of health and happiness in our lives!