Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mothers in Cahoots

As usual, Mom came home after 5 PM last night and as she opened the door, I thought it would be a fine time to reenact my favorite game - "Catch me if you can," so I bolted out the door! Mom seemed miffed as usual - she kept saying, "Axel, I was about to take you for a walk you silly pupik" (I believe a pupik is a Yiddish word for the nether regions of a chicken!). Like I believed her! So I ran about, crouched on my front legs and barked at her as she got close. But then, alas, Mother Nature intervened (bet all Moms are in cahoots), and I felt a poop coming on, so I had to squat then and there, and Mom took advantage of me in my compromised position to stick my leash around my neck! Damn, I was mad at that poopie!

Anyway, she kept her word and took me for a walk - more like I take her for a walk really - she is too slow for me - I need to pull her along at my pace! On the way, we stopped off at the dry cleaners to collect some of Mom's sweaters, and the lady working there thought I was the cutest thing. Heh heh, I'm such a chick magnet!

While I was at home yesterday, the mailman knocked on the door with a big box in his hands, and I just knew instinctively that it was my chanukah gift. But blast it, I couldn't exactly open the door and sign for the package! So I had to watch in sheer agony as he left a slip in the mailbox and took off down the street! What if he never comes back?

Well at long last, I have some Chanukah greeting cards to show off on my blog. The first one Jill, Mom of the Terrierfirma Gang (Libby, Bamboozle, etc), created - it's pretty cool; but not quite as cool as the one I made this afternoon! Notice how I feature rather prominently - I decided not to include Mom and Dad - it would have ruined the ambience of the card! Next to Jill's card is one I got from Bigfoot Fletch and his Mom Carol...

I have a new pal from Ohio to introduce - he has a rather grand name: Highcrest Dale Gunn. I wonder what they call him for short? I can't imagine his parent Chris saying, "Go potty Highcrest Dale Gunn!" Tee hee. He is around my age - 8 months old - I sure would like to get together and play!

I have taken to barking quite a lot lately, especially in the middle of the night. I don't know why my parents seem to get mightly mad at me, don't they realize I am protecting them, the ever dutiful 24/7 watchdog? Just because their human hearing is so lacking, doesn't mean I am barking at nothing! They seem so upset, I have heard them having hushed discussions about taking me to the vet to get me neutered. Hey Mom and Dad - guess what? my voicebox is not in my balls! Cutting off my balls ain't going to affect my ability to bark. Geez, humans can be so dumb!