Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bike Race Brings Friends from Afar

Guess who I met today? Mackie the Sock Eater's Mom Melissa, Dad Steve and nephew! They came all the way from Maryland to meet me, and oh yeah, to see the big Bike Race in Philadelphia which is taking place right in my park! And noone even asked if I minded! What's up with that?

Anyway, Melissa and Steve were very friendly and gave me many pats and admired my head of all places. They also brought me a gift - a squirrel squeaker toy! How cool is that? People bearing gifts are always welcome to visit me.

Funny to think that last week this time I was at Doggy Day Care and Mom and Dad were doing a jig at their wedding. Mom seems very tired this weekend, she's been sleeping an awful lot - guess she has some catching up to do. I am happy to report that the wedding room has been restored to my computer room and I can come and go now as I like! Woohoo.

Yesterday morning Bailey the Boxer and Sasha the Akita had a bit of a fight. Sasha is always on leash, but Bailey kind of went for her and ended up with a bleeding lip. I never saw Bailey this morning, I hope she's okay - I tried to visit with Mom yesterday, but noone answered the door.

I think I better go downstairs, Mom is behaving weirdly - she's yelling at the TV! There are these odd little men in different colors running around on the screen chasing a ball - something called the World Cup Soccer. Being from Africa, Mom seems to enjoy this "sport" - she's yelling "Go Mexico!" and saying less than flattering things about Iran. Meantime, Dad is fast asleep in bed with the TV parents sure are nutty.