Saturday, January 27, 2007


It's too darn cold! That's my excuse for not blogging for a week folks. When it is this cold, I prefer to curl up and stay in bed. Little do Mom and Dad know that while they are at work, I climb into THEIR bed, put my head on THEIR pillows and pull the covers up to my chin. I managed to take a self portrait to show you:

Don't I look snug?

Last night I had so much energy that I got into a bit of mischief. I went into the parent's room and set about dismantling Mom's sleep apnea mask. I know I shouldn't have, but I did notice that she had a brand new one delivered today - so technically, the way I see it, she didn't need this old one. So I was doing her a favor, no? Unfortunately, she didn't see it that way. She was rather pissed at me and even more so when she discovered that my fur was full of sticky pieces of the gel mask. Eek. Anyway, I stand by what I did and am proud of the results. If I wouldn't have been would have been completely destroyed and would have been no need to recycle or trash it. But no...the parents have to stop me.

This morning I went to the vet to get a bordatella shot. I don't mind visiting the vet and I didn't even feel the shot or protest when my nails were cut. Can you believe the vet thanked me for being such a good boy!? I got weighed by the way, and I'm a staggering 28.5 lbs now. Mom asked the vet if she thought I was overweight and the vet said I was certainly getting there. She had the audacity to tell Mom to replace my milkbone and rawhide treats for carrots! I mean, seriously, what a crock that is - Mom and Dad will be the laughing stock of the dog park if they rock up with carrots in their pockets. Last time I checked, we were not donkeys!!!!

I just got home from playing with Gracie so I'm rather tired. Think I'll curl up on my couch perch for a while.



Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gracie's Visit

Gracie's Mom is trying to sell their house so them can move to another state. This makes me VERY sad and I secretly hope that noone buys their house because I can't imagine my life without Gracie in it. I know that sounds horrid and selfish, but I can't help it. I love Gracie. Gracie is an Anatolian Shephard and we have known eachother since we were both very small. We love to play and run and wrestle.

So a few days ago, Gracie came over to visit 'cos her Mom had to clean her house for a showing. I get really excited when Gracie comes over, and boy do we have fun! Here are the photos to prove it!

Here we are searching for lost treats behind the sofa cushions. Before Mom goes to work in the mornings, while I am out with Dad, she drops treats in the sofa and I come home and search for them! Gracie and I were hoping I'd missed one...

I suspect Gracie might have found a treat after all - why else would she be licking her chops?

Here we are wrestling! Look carefully, you can't see much of me except my huge teeth!

I really enjoy standing on the sofa to make me tall and then dive bombing Gracie!

Now it's time for tug-o-war with my silly squeaking octopus.

All in all, we had a fabulous time! How will I survive when she moves away? WAAAAAAAA!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eagles are a Bore!

Humans are, in my esteemed opinion, oftentimes quite crazy. Mom and Dad leave the TV on for me during the work week, and if I have to hear that stupid Fly Eagles Fly song or E-A-G-L-E-S chant one more time, I may just have to bite someone. The Eagles are Philadelphia's football team and they are playing New Orleans Saints tonite and local people have gone quite bananas. I find it one BIG Bore. So does Mom. Dad is sort of ambivalent though he is watching the game and screaming at the television as I type this. Don't tell anyone, but I am hoping the Saints win so I don't have to hear all this Eagles crap for another year. I also think the folks in New Orleans need something to get excited about after the terrible times they are going through after that bitch Katrina nearly wiped them out!

In other news, remember I mentioned that two Wires had been stolen from a truck at a gas station in Florida? Well, I received a disturbing update about what's going on in Florida...unfortunately, still no sign of Toby and Dakota - but I did want my blog readers to hear this report:

As of today, no news or new sightings. We continue to receive strange calls and emails from folks wanting money upfront for information about the dogs. Lost dogs are one of the latest scams on the internet. Folks need to be very careful when driving with dogs in their cars anywhere in Florida but especially along the interstate highways. There is a dog stealing ring that operates along I-75, I-4 and I-95 according to the sheriff's department. Folks need to lock their doors if dogs are left in their cars or vans even for 10 minutes while at the gas station.
Orlando has a problem with a group of people called the traveling criminals from the Carolina's and Eastern Europe. They come to Orlando every winter and run different scams. Last winter they were caught stealing dogs. They followed folks home from the dog groomer's and were stealing freshly groomed purebred dogs from fenced in yards. Most of the dogs were never found.

Note to self: Stay away from Florida!

After communicating with dog psychic (or animal communicator) Liesl last week, Dean-O sent me this picture of myself suggesting it might just be the perfect outfit for my next consultation. Actually, I think I may be quite psychic myself - I can anticipate everything that Mom and Dad are about to do and communicate my wishes to them quite easily. For example, when I care for a nibble, I stand and stare at the box of Milkbones until they notice my disappearance, seek me out and inevitably croon, "Oh Axie Pax - do you want a snack?" I look at them with my adorable mug, and communicate, "oh yes please, that would be lovely" - and two seconds later, I have a Milkbone in my mouth. HA!

Today Dad dropped me off at Doggy Day Care for half a day, but the parents forgot that the biz closes at 5PM on Saturdays! At 4.55pm the owners called Mom to remind her to pick me up! She arrived 10 minutes later in a complete tizzy and wracked with guilt as the owners were standing by the entrance of their establishment, coats and hats on, me on a leash...boy was I relieved to see Mom - I thought for sure I'd be spending the night there, alone. Mom apologized profusely to the owners and then to me, all the way home, reassuring me she would never have forgotten me. Likely story.

And on a final note - there are two foxie photo contests going on right now. The Fox Terrier Network, of which we are members, is running a three category contest: wires, smooths and a joint category with the title, "Foxie, what have you done?" I am entered in both the first and third categories and expect to win of course. Click here to see the wiry entries. Click here to see the "Foxie what have you done?" category.
Then the Wire Yahoo Group is running a wire photo contest. You can see both slide shows by clicking on the links below. Even if I say so myself, we foxies are the most gorgeous breed on the face of this earth!
Slide Show 1
Slide show 2

And finally finally, Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary to my grandparents in South Africa! Wow, 45 years - that's 315 dog years! I drink a toast (of water) to you both and wish you many more healthy and happy years together.


Friday, January 05, 2007

The Psychic

Well, yesterday turned out to be an interesting time! My friend Sophie's Dad Vince and Gracie's Mom Dee told my unsuspecting parents that they had both consulted with a pet psychic and invited Mom and Dad to a session! Mom and Dad are both rather skeptical of people who claim to be able to read an animal's thoughts via a phone call! But at the end of the experience, they both looked at eachother and proclaimed, "That was cool!"

So this is how it went down. Vince and Sophie came over to my house (Dee couldn't make it), and they called Liesl, the pet psychic. (By the way, Mom found an article about her online - to read it, click here - it's pretty interesting reading.) At first, I was running around my house overcome with excitement of having Sophie visit. Liesl told Mom she couldn't contact me because I was so unfocused. Me? Ha! So Dad grabbed me and sat holding me on the floor behind the couch so I could not see Sophie. The first thing Liesl said to Mom (but in talking to me) was "Hi, Little Guy". Mom was flabbergasted as that is what Mom and Dad always refer to me as - their little guy! Then Liesl asked Mom to describe me physically and she guessed correctly that although my tail is tri-color, the tip is white. She told Mom that I was very hyper, very sensitive to noise, super intelligent (the woman is a genius) and finally, very brave! It was like she knew my best pals were pitbulls, American bulldogs and the like! All through her chat with Mom she tried to speak to me...she told me to try to cut down on my barking so that my parents could trust me without the bark collar. She told me I didn't have to be such a vigilant watchdog - that Dad could protect us all.

At some point, Mom wanted Dad to hear Liesl, so she surrended the phone. He reported that she told him that I loved more than anything to RUN. Right on woman! Mom and Dad laughed when she relayed to them my responses to her comments - they were all pretty cheeky. Wow, she really did read my thoughts!

After 20 minutes, Liesl spoke to Vince about Sophie while I tried really hard to sit still and chill. But I wanted to play. Sophie doesn't dig playing with me so much 'cos she's quite an old bitch - I suspect my hyperness gets on her tits, so to speak. Here is a pic of us:

So all in all, it was an interesting time meeting Liesl - later that night, I heard Gracie and Emma barking their furry heads off down the road and I didn't bark. Mom was sure it was becos of what Liesl had said to me. But I didn't want her to get excited, so 5 minutes later, I let loose one heck of a bark. Heh heh.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Resolutions

First of all. I am in love. Shhh, don't tell Miss Amelia - she might get mad! My new love is just a very wee gal (Miss Amelia is older than I am and I know that is in vogue...but I prefer them young and virginal), you met her on my blog last time. Her name used to be Spencer but she was rechristened Koobuss this week because her silly owners couldn't remember her name was Spencer. You see the wires they had before the wee gal were all called Koobus, so they just couldn't remember to call her something else. Humans are so weird. Here are the latest pictures:

I also wanted to share some cute photos of my two Californian pals - BigFoot Fletch (who is actually Miss Amelia's bro) and Maxie taken on Xmas morning - By the way, I know for a fact that their Mom is Jewish, so I'm not sure what's up with the dogs celebrating Xmas instead of Hanukkah. Remind me to ask them! Perhaps that is a Hanukkah bush in the background?

So we all made it to 2007! For a while there when the nasty nameless neighbor was reporting me to the cops, I thought I'd be locked up for good! On New Year's eve, I sat down in a very comtemplative mood and wrote down a few new years resolutions:

1. I will cut down on my consumption of treats
2. I will stop beating up Wiley, the bearded collie, in the dog park. I just can't stand him, damn it.
3. I will keep working on my barking so that I don't need to wear a bark collar
4. I will try not to hog the bed at night forcing Mom and Dad to shiver with no covers or worse, push Dad out of bed.
5. I will cut down on destroying anything with stuffing making our house look like the aftermath of a cotton candy assault.
6. I will blog more frequently
7. I will give Mom kisses. I only like to kiss Dad as he is the alpha and Mom is my servant.
8. I will not dive onto Mom or Dad's lap the second they put the car in park or unclick their seatbelts
9. I will not try to flee out the door everytime Mom or Dad try to leave the house
10. I will try my damnest to be a good boy (who am I trying to kid?)

Finally, here a story about a very stupid human from San Francisco:

A Burlington woman has been charged with trying to get painkillers from a drug store by using her dog's name. Kymberly Smith, 38, faces more than two dozen charges related to her alleged repeated attempts to fraudulently obtain painkillers at a Farmington pharmacy under her dog's name. Farmington police said Smith was a veterinary technician for several area veterinarians when she began using their ID number to call in prescriptions for herself under the name "Zack Smith."
I mean do you every hear stories of Dogs ordering Frontline in their humans' names? Just plain silly!