Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not-so-dreaded Vet Visit

I know this is difficult to believe, but I was actually happy when Mom told me she was taking me to the vet this morning. I was that uncomfortable. My itchies were driving me bonkers.

So off we went on the 15 mile drive to Boulevard Animal Hospital in the Far NorthEast of Philadelphia. I was quite calm when I walked in, greeted the two German Shephards, beautiful Akita, Puggle and trio of kitties. I patiently waited my turn and then I saw Dr. Brett. He announced the obvious, that my skin was very inflamed and infected, and Mom and Dr. Brett decided I needed a cortisone shot and anti-biotics. I agreed!

The only part of the visit I did not enjoy was the thermometer up my behind! Oh, and when blood was drawn for a worm test. But at least I left the practice knowing that in a few hours, I would feel much better. And it is now almost 12 hours later, and indeed, I am itching less. I happily went on my evening walk and even played with my friends. For the past few days I wasn't up to that.

Thank you for all the well wishes left in the comments. Mom did look into homeopathic solutions but the homeopathic vet told Mom itchies was one of the most difficult afflictions to treat and it would be a very slow process. Seeing how miserable I was, Mom knew we could not afford to be patient. Maybe in the fall, when typically my itchies desist, we will explore that again.

Oh and Jackson, Gus and Mackie - you had better sign me up for the Big Wires Club -- Mom nearly passed out when she saw that I now weigh....32lbs (14.5kg)! Dr Brett, bless him, didn't seem very concerned. He said I should maybe lose about 2lbs as I am a big guy by design. He did remind mom though that the cortisone would make me ravenous...not the best time to put me on a diet Mom!


PS Mom has meant to tell you all the good news that her eye is almost back to normal - the retinal bleed has cleared up pretty well. We are all very relieved indeed!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Itchy and Miserable

It is only April, yet my seasonal allergies have struck with a horrible vengeance. I am uncomfortable in my own skin, I itch all over and my skin is hot to the touch. I just have to scratch and bite myself all the time. I'm driving Mom and Dad crazy because I am hurting myself and they don't know how to stop me. They keep giving me pills hidden (not very subtley) in cheese - but Benedryl and fish oil don't really help me.

Mom put one of her tshirts on me in the hope it would stop me hurting myself when I scratch - I look pregnant - honestly, I am not THAT fat!

As you can see (right), I am doing harm to myself - this wound is one of a handful -- Mom rubs Resicort lotion into the wounds or hot spot spray, and it makes me yelp as it stings. But it does help soothe eventually.

I haven't felt like doing much except chomp on myself...I didn't even want to go for a walk this morning...I am miserable. What can I do to stop this itch...I can't exactly stay inside all Summer!

Mom is taking me to the vet on Tuesday and I guess I'll get more powerful pills (Temaril P?) or a cortisone shot and probably antibiotics cos I've probably caused infection on myself. I never thought I'd say this...but I can't wait to go to the vet to get some relief.

In the meantime, Mom and Dad are doing their best to distract me from eating myself alive - I had a kong with peanut butter this morning, and tonight Mom gave me little pieces of london broil - when she sees me attaching myself, out come the snacks. I guess you could say that is the only silver-lining in this abyssmal situation.

Itch itch,


Monday, April 21, 2008

Bringing Cheer to Wiry Couple Stuck in Philly

A month ago, Mom heard via the wire fox terrier Yahoo email list, that a couple from a small town called Center in Texas were literally "trapped" in Philadelphia. Larry and Lisa had come all the way from Texas to visit their son at Fort Dix army base in nearby New Jersey - actually to meet their new grandson. During what was supposed to be a 5-day visit, Larry got very ill and had to be transferred to Jefferson Hospital in Philly. There he underwent serious back/neck surgery. That was weeks ago - Larry is now slowly recovering at a first class rehab hospital also in Philadelphia. (As mom reminds Lisa, if you had to get stuck anywhere - Philly is a first class city for medical care!)

Larry and Lisa breed wires and are members of the Lone Star Fox Terrier Club - their kennel is called Aerostar and they have had a few champion wires like their little gal Wyrelee Miss Money Penny. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for them to be stuck in Philly, so far away from home, their family and all their animals (wires, cats, horses, goats, chickens etc). When Mom heard their plight she was very moved and made contact and visited them 10 days ago. Mom thinks about them a lot and is full of admiration for Lisa having to cope with living in a big city for the first time, for being on hand to support her husband 24/7, having to stay in hotels alone etc etc. So whatever little thing Mom can do for them, she so wants to do!

So last week, she faxed all my vet records to the hospital, and today Mom, Dad and me, went to visit Larry and Lisa in the hospital. I felt it my wiry duty and honor to bring some cheer to them. I hope I did - as you know, I'm a bit of an aloof fellow...but I did my best and I think, accomplished my mission. The photo on the top left is of Mom, Me, Lisa and Larry. Notice that Lisa is holding the Fox Terrier Network newsletter - Mom gave it to her cos that edition was full of funny foxie photos she know they would enjoy!

I'm thinking I might become a therapy dog because I see how rewarding it can be...I just have to learn to be a bit more friendly I guess. Yesterday I did a good deed too visiting Dad's 95 year old Grandad in his Old Age Home. So I am becoming quite a pro.

It looks like Larry will need treatment for another month or so. Please join me in wishing Larry a complete and fast recovery so that he and Lisa can finally return home to Center, Texas and resume their happy, healthy lives.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Matzah anyone?

Mom and I are still quite tired from doing our happy dances at the news that little Precious, the Bolting Wire, was found safe and stinky after her 3 day absence. Sounds like her Mom Michelle was drained too, as it took her over a day to report on how Mizz Precious came to be found. Michelle finally explained that a man saw Precious's photo in the local paper and called in his sighting. Then, Precious's Dad rounded up some friends and they went to search that area: "About an hour into the search with the help of binoculars he spotted her in a field behind a factory. He said she ran to him as he ran to her. He then called me at work and said MICHELLE I HAVE OUR LITTLE GIRL IN MY ARMS. At that point I think everyone in the factory could hear me hoot and holler that WE FOUND OUR DOG." That is Precious, top left, relaxing after a trip to the vet to make sure she was A-OK. PHEW!!! Don't scare us again Precious, please!

As some of you may know, Saturday is the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Mom tried to explain what it was about...something about the Jews being slaves in Egypt and escaping into the dessert for quite a time. They didn't have time to prepare meals, so they left with unleaven bread and due to these poor time management skills, Jews forever after are forced to eat a cardboard-like substance called Matzah. Mom says it has interesting effects on poopies.

Before the festival begins (it lasts 8 days), you have to clear your house of all "chametz" - these are foods that contain yeast, but lately, again says Mom, rabbis have taken this to ridiculous lengths by banning everything and anything that does not get their seal of Kosher for Passover approval. In some super religious homes, even the dog food has to be Kosher for Passover because humans can't be anywhere near Chametz. Mom grew up in a Kosher home, and grandma there still cleans and changes all her cutlery and crockery to passover wares. Mom sort of ignores all this craziness - her token act to ready for Passover has been to buy a single box of matzah. She is still debating whether or not she will desist from eating bread for 8 days...I enjoy toast and pizza...so I know which way I'm leaning!!

I leave you today with a recent photo of me and my dear pal Elvis. Here we are, hanging out on my couch.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where is Precious?

THIS HAPPY NEWS JUST IN (4/15 - 8:20pm):

Please help us find Precious, a beloved wire foxie bitch who bolted from her Daddy in the town of Lincoln, Illinois.

Precious is a 9 year old wire fox terrier. She was rescued 5 years ago from a puppymill, and is still very timid and fearful. She is very loved by her family who are heartbroken and worried sick about her. She bolted before her Dad could put her collar or leash on. She was last seen about a fourth of mile from the intersection of Rt. 10 and interstate 55. Precious weighs 21-22 lbs.

Please email Michelle or Tom at wagner4929@insightbb.com or call 217-732-6734 or 217-638-6734 if you've seen her.

Precious, PLEASE go home!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

LIVE Laporte Hearing Update

Two days ago, on April 8, Marc Andre Laporte, convicted abuser of over 100 wire fox terriers, had his day in court. I turn my blog over to Bingo, survivor of Laporte's House of Horrors, who attended the hearing, and renders this report:

Greetings from Quebec - my name is Bingo Mayer, and I am coming to you LIVE from the courthouse in Saint Jerome, where my former owner and abuser, Mr. Laporte, today faced Judge Sirois. Today the learned Judge, stated on several occasions, that he WILL NOT under any circumstances remit any of the remaining Fox Terriers that survived the kennel of M. A. Laporte. This INCLUDES any of the “red collar” dogs that were picked out from the bunch by Mr. Laporte back in November 2005 at the time of his arrest to be returned to him for breeding purposes. The judge expressed his disappointment that Mr. Laporte has not recanted his claim to those dogs.

The prosecution today requested a fine, 4 or 5 years probation during which time he would not be allowed to keep ANY animals, community service, and a substantial donation. At least that is what I understood. [Of course, if a Wire like me was sitting in judgement, we would sentence him to life in prison, to a cell with no toilet and little food and water. We believe he deserves to be treated as we were treated by him!]

However, friends, remember the judge MUST sentence according to CANADIAN LAW…(not moral law). Canadian law states that animals are considered PROPERTY - therefore, the defense requested that Mr. Laporte have his “property” returned to him AFTER he has served his time. The prosecution, in turn stated that, since the “property” that was confiscated by police was used in the commission of a crime (animal cruelty, of which Mr. Laporte has been found guilty), then he is not entitled to that property, any more than a convicted felon would not be entitled to reclaim his or her cocaine or gun confiscated from a crime scene.

The final outcome was that the judge wishes to investigate the jurisprudence on this point of law before making his final decision on May 6 so that it CANNOT BE OVERTURNED on appeal. All things considered, the outcome was positive, given Canada ’s antiquated laws (dating back to 1892).

This is Bingo Mayer, signing off and reminding you all to be good to yourselves, and to be good to your animals. I was unlucky to endure time with Mr. Laporte, but I now live very happily in a loving and wonderful family. I am truly blessed. Goodbye.

Thank you Bingo for that illuminating report. We will check in with you again on May 6, when we hope Judge Sirois will have found some legal precedent for making sure Laporte cannot reclaim the red collar dogs EVER.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

What the heck is that?

Mom asked me to thank you all for your warm wishes of sympathy on the sad occasion of Aunty Jo's death. Mom is still sad, but the whole thing is still so unreal as she couldn't go to the funeral or be with her family in South Africa during the shiva. She told me that maybe it will hit her when she goes home in October and Aunty Jo is not at the airport to welcome her. Aunty Jo was ALWAYS at the airport to meet every family member whether in transit or visiting for a while.

If Jo's sudden loss wasn't traumatic enough for Mom, 4 days later, her vision went haywire (heh heh, good word...hay + wire) in her left eye! She saw colors and flashes, and she said I looked I was ringed in silver lights when she looked at me. After seeing many doctors, they told her she had had a retina bleed but as yet, they cannot find the cause. Since the bleed, Mom's vision in her left eye is somewhat blurred.

When all this happened, I got scared too, as I thought I might be forcibly enrolled in "Seeing Eye Dog School" so that I could help Mom navigate the world. I have the utmost respect for those seeing eye dogs - but let's be honest, Wires are not very well suited to this work. I would likely lead Mom, accidently of course, into a tree!

Anyway, thank God Mom can see well enough to drive and work and walk me about - the doctors hope it will heal in time, but they aren't sure what the future holds. Mom could use your prayers please.

Last week we visited Dad's parents. I have to admit, I never noticed a big glass box in their living room before. I was just minding my own business, sitting on top of the couch, when I heard a shuffling sound to my left!! I immediately jumped up and looked into the glass box....and there my friends, was the oddest looking creature I've ever seen. So odd in fact, that I let loose a high pitched barking fit so as to warn everyone in the neighborhood, that we'd been invaded by a scaly looking 4-legged creature with something akin to a hard pigs ear on his back which he kept on ducking into!

I ran to Dad and he explained that the creature was known as a turtle, her name is Mister Turtle (yeah, don't ask me to explain that...) and she was rescued from the side of a road when Dad was just a wee boy. So she is about 25 years old and lives in that box under a light and mostly eats worms and salad. Yuch!

Mr. Turtle was quite fascinating to watch creeping about, but after a while everyone tired of my barking and carrying on and they forcibly evicted me from the couch!