Thursday, April 10, 2008

LIVE Laporte Hearing Update

Two days ago, on April 8, Marc Andre Laporte, convicted abuser of over 100 wire fox terriers, had his day in court. I turn my blog over to Bingo, survivor of Laporte's House of Horrors, who attended the hearing, and renders this report:

Greetings from Quebec - my name is Bingo Mayer, and I am coming to you LIVE from the courthouse in Saint Jerome, where my former owner and abuser, Mr. Laporte, today faced Judge Sirois. Today the learned Judge, stated on several occasions, that he WILL NOT under any circumstances remit any of the remaining Fox Terriers that survived the kennel of M. A. Laporte. This INCLUDES any of the “red collar” dogs that were picked out from the bunch by Mr. Laporte back in November 2005 at the time of his arrest to be returned to him for breeding purposes. The judge expressed his disappointment that Mr. Laporte has not recanted his claim to those dogs.

The prosecution today requested a fine, 4 or 5 years probation during which time he would not be allowed to keep ANY animals, community service, and a substantial donation. At least that is what I understood. [Of course, if a Wire like me was sitting in judgement, we would sentence him to life in prison, to a cell with no toilet and little food and water. We believe he deserves to be treated as we were treated by him!]

However, friends, remember the judge MUST sentence according to CANADIAN LAW…(not moral law). Canadian law states that animals are considered PROPERTY - therefore, the defense requested that Mr. Laporte have his “property” returned to him AFTER he has served his time. The prosecution, in turn stated that, since the “property” that was confiscated by police was used in the commission of a crime (animal cruelty, of which Mr. Laporte has been found guilty), then he is not entitled to that property, any more than a convicted felon would not be entitled to reclaim his or her cocaine or gun confiscated from a crime scene.

The final outcome was that the judge wishes to investigate the jurisprudence on this point of law before making his final decision on May 6 so that it CANNOT BE OVERTURNED on appeal. All things considered, the outcome was positive, given Canada ’s antiquated laws (dating back to 1892).

This is Bingo Mayer, signing off and reminding you all to be good to yourselves, and to be good to your animals. I was unlucky to endure time with Mr. Laporte, but I now live very happily in a loving and wonderful family. I am truly blessed. Goodbye.

Thank you Bingo for that illuminating report. We will check in with you again on May 6, when we hope Judge Sirois will have found some legal precedent for making sure Laporte cannot reclaim the red collar dogs EVER.



Dean-O! said...

Good report from Rover-ing reporter Bingo. No dogs for Laporte!!!

Lenny said...

Thank you so much for the update. Bingo, you are a fantastic court reporter! I can't wait until May 6th. This is all good news.

Your friend, Lenny

Penny & Poppy said...

Yay for that judge! We sure are glad they listened to all of us that signed the petition! We, pawsonally, think any animal abusers should be tazered until they are dead! (Our mom made us write that...she can be very extreme when it comes to animal abuse!)

Poppy & Penny

Jake of Florida said...


Thanks for the report. It sounded a bit more optimistic than what we were able to glean from our Mom's translating the French.

Paws crossed that Canadian law allows the judge to do the right thing.

Woof, pal. We're so happy you've found a better life!!

Jake and Just Harry

Asta said...

Thank you fow that wepowt fwom Bingo..I would put the jewk on a mountain top in a small cage wif no food ow watew ow place to tuwn awound even, but I guess this is the best we can hope fow..thank dog at least hea can't get any of the doggies back!!!
The nine houws wewe not bad Axel, cause it was in the evening and I had a busy day wif time at the wun and evewything, so I just snept like a wegoolaw night time sneep..We wiwe awe tough and wondewful <=Mommi says..I was so happy to show wome What we'we like!
Evewyone was supew nice to me!
I hope I get to see you sometime
smoochie kisses

The Thuglets said...

Hello Axel..thansk for the court report from Bingo.

We hope the judge has the powers to NEVER return the dogs to this being!

Keep us psoted Paws Crossed.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thuglets +2

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Axel...thanks for passin' on Bingo's report...this sounds like very good news indeed...and the judge sounds sensible which is a good thing if the laws are that how you spell that big word??

How is you mom's eye, Axel? We've been sendin' her tons of terrier zen to help it out.

And is there anything you can do prophylacticly to keep from itchin' this summer??? We're thinkin' bout ya Pal!!


Agatha and Archie said...

Thank you Bingo,excellent job reporting.We are so happy with this news!!! Axel how is your Mom's eye????Love A+A

William Tell said...

We're glad that you are doing so well, Bingo, and pray that this cloud over your head will go away forever. You deserve the best from now on!

Happy Tails,
William Tell

Koobuss said...

Thank You for your report, Bingo. You did a great job.

It's good to hear that the judge has compassion on us cute little foxies. Sure looks like he is trying to do the best thing for us. It would be great now if Canada (and the US where necessary) would pass some laws that will give us better protection and some rights.

Axel, tell your mom that she has done a wonderful job working on this and that we are proud to know her. While we haven't been around to visit in a long time, it does not mean that we have forgotten you.

Good luck to you mom for her eye problem. I don't need to tell her that Philadelphia is the place to be if you have to have retina issues. Wills Eye is one of the best.

Also, I am so worried about Precious. I can't stop thinking about her. Maybe the next post that we see about her will be good news.

Koobuss Kisses,

pee ess We agree with Penny and Poppy's mom.