Friday, December 09, 2005

More Snow!

When Mom opened the back door to let me out to pee today, I couldn't believe it, my entire yard was covered in that snow stuff! I can't understand how it all envelloped the house overnight and I didn't hear a darn thing! It's a bit disturbing to think I may not be the best watchdog afterall.

Mom's work only opened later because of the snow, so she agreed very bravely to take me out to Lemon Hill to meet my friends. The snow took me up to my belly - it felt sooo cold, but I enjoyed sticking my nose into it and then sneezing! When we got to the park, Mom let me off my leash pretty early as there was no traffic and she was huffing and puffing trying to walk in the thick snow up the hill. I ran ahead of her to greet my friends Ohren, Saga and Bailey. As usual we played and played, ran around, looked for garbage to eat, and just had a jolly good time!

Check me out (below left), I'm laughing at Bailey 'cos he didn't know whether to tackle me or grab his toy! And (below right), look at Ohren, he flipped me on my back - oh what fun! (Sorry Miss Amelia, not the most becoming of positions with my manhood exposed!)

After about 45 minutes, I could see Mom was cold. Her glasses were all fogged up, her coat and hat were wet with sleet - but I really didn't feel like going home. Then Bailey and Ohren and Saga started off home and Mom insisted on dragging me down the hill in the opposite direction. For a brief moment, I looked back at my dear friends, thought I heard Ohren bark, and realized how lucky I am to have such great pals!

Haha, look at me with my ear up and my coat wet and bedraggled...but I looked good compared to Mom! LOL

So the holidays are nearly upon us. I believe Xmas and Chanukah fall on practically the same dates. All over our street there are blinking lights and round little trees hanging from the doors (unfortunately I can't lift my leg that high to pee on them!)
I've been receiving a few festive photos from my wiry friends across the country. Here are Dean-O (from Montreal; his Mom Christine is doing an awesome job collecting the gifts for the abused wires over there); and siblings Matthew and Jinx.

And here is another holiday-themed photograph of Winston the fabulously festive WFT:

I like his head-dress, I wonder if I can get a menorah hat like that - one that lights up!!! You know Mom tells me in Israel, the traditional Hanukkah food are donuts, but elsewhere latkes are all the rage. I think I like latkes and donuts equally and can't wait to devour some!!

Finally, (and Mackie you can't read this), Melissa (that's Mackie's Mom) told me a secret. She bought Mackie an awesome Christmas gift. If you'll recall, a short while ago, Mackie caught his first squirrel but his Dad took it away so Mackie was pissed. So smart Melissa, found a very lifelike squirrel toy (right) to give to Mackie for Xmas.

She wrote to me that, "He will love it so! I imagine he will kill this in record time. Maybe a dollar per minute?
I’m thinking about planting it outside under the tree and letting him run for it to discover that it wont run from him…that will be the greatest. I can hear him now, “Finally, I got my squirrel back from Dad..this is a truly great Christmas! I only thought he would be more stinky by now!”

Haha, Melissa is very witty, but I very much doubt she'll outwit ol' Mackie! Never underestimate the intelligence of a wire, right friends?

Have a fun weekend!